Can I give my baby whatever last name I want?

Can I give my baby whatever last name I want?

Can I give my second surname to my son in mexico 2021?

From ABA Abogadas, the lawyer Anna Salort, specialist in Family Law and Civil Law, explains the new procedure: “The parents are obliged to expressly state the order of the surnames in the application for registration in the civil registry. In the event that it is not stated, or if they disagree, they will have a period of three days to communicate their decision to the Registrar of the Civil Registry. Once this period has elapsed, and if there has been no communication in this respect, the Registrar will be the one who will establish the order in the best interest of the minor”.  Therefore, the preference by default of the paternal surname disappears.

After registering the birth of the baby, the next step is to call the family doctor to request the maternity leave paper. Then, the mother’s company must be notified on the day that the doctor certifies that the maternity leave begins, so that the company can start to process the maternity benefits….

Can I give my second last name to my son in Colombia?

Being a client of Abogados del Maule means that you will have a lawyer who will personally attend to all your legal requirements. This lawyer develops his work supported by a team of excellence, which will be at your disposal to represent and protect your interests. How to find us?

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The best thing is that the rights and obligations between parent and child are not altered or suppressed by the change of surname.    Thus, for example, the right to receive child support from a minor child subsists, even if the child no longer bears the surname of his or her biological father. Inheritance rights also subsist.

The mother’s last name can be used instead of the father’s last name.

In essence, the regulations on change of name and first names say the same thing: a maximum of two simple names or one compound name can be used (which does not prevent cases such as Felipe Juan Froilán de Todos los Santos); the name cannot be detrimental to the person who bears it; two living children cannot be baptized with the same name and those that make the identification confusing (for example, surname converted into first name) are not allowed.

“If the registry office denies the name we have chosen, the quickest thing to do is to ask for the matter to be passed on to another official,” the Ministry explains. “As what is most important is the freedom of choice, it is very likely that another one will accept it and the registration will be completed without problems”. In fact, this is what happened to Goku’s parents, whose first attempt was rejected, but on the second occasion they managed to register him with his chosen name.

Requirements for adding a paternal surname

Beyond the reasons that exist for wanting to change your name or surname, in Chile there are three ways to do it: an administrative way that allows you to change your name in the civil registry in those cases in which there are typographical errors or in those cases in which you want to change your first surname for the maternal surname and another way that allows you to change your name through a lawsuit that rectifies the birth certificate, in some cases.

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The following are the three ways that allow the change of name or surname in Chile through a judicial procedure protected by Law 17.344, its forms and all the necessary requirements to carry it out.

In Chile it is possible to change the name and surname thanks to Law 17.344. This norm authorizes the change of names and surnames in our legal system, as long as it conforms to one of the cases explicitly indicated in the norm.

The change of name or surname has the effect of changing all your future actions, your new name or surname. When you change your name or surname, all the attributes of your person are maintained, so legally you will remain the same person. This means that you will keep your RUT, marital status, patrimony, nationality, etc.

Can I give my baby whatever last name I want?
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