Can you eat before fit testing?

Can you eat before fit testing?

What to do before, during and after a test

“In that sense foods such as bread or whole grains that deliver energy in a prolonged way, in addition to dairy products, which are a great source of good quality protein and fruits that provide vitamins and antioxidants are a good choice before facing the PSU,” adds the academic.

Knowing the benefits of certain foods on students’ performance, three concrete low-cost and easy-to-prepare alternatives before the PSU should go along the following lines:

What to eat before an exam

– Rest and avoid studying. Days before the admission exam, it is useless to saturate your head with knowledge, in fact it is counterproductive, that is why you are supposed to study in advance and sleep enough hours and eat lightly, will help you feel active and willing.

– Discipline your study. Make a feasible planning, that is, study at least 50 minutes a day, it is useless to study three hours once and stop studying for days, perseverance and perseverance make the difference.

– Answer the subject where you feel more confident first. The order in which you answer the exam matters, try to solve the simplest first, so you will have time to pay attention to the most complex.

– At the end of the admission test, review it. Once you have finished the exam, if you have time, review it and try to place yourself in the questions where you had doubts, that will make you feel more confident at the end.

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Preparation is fundamental when taking an admission exam, discipline is the base that will lead you to success, do not underestimate to take a preparation course, this, together with your effort, will surely help you.

Recommendations for a virtual exam

It is the medical evaluation performed to the worker before he/she enters the job. Its purpose is to determine the state of health at the time of entry, and their suitability for the job.

For the mining sector in particular, the Occupational Health Examination performed by the mining owner and/or the mining contractor company and/or the company of related activities to their own workers, must comply with the provisions of Annex 7C and Annex 7D (if the operations are developed above 2500 masl) of the DS 055-2010 EM, while for the other sectors the profile must be defined based on the identification of hazards and risks (IPER). It is important to keep in mind that workers will undergo, at their employer’s expense, medical examinations.

This is done in order to monitor exposure to risk factors and to identify in an early manner, possible temporary, permanent or aggravated alterations of the worker’s health status, which are associated with the work position and pre-pathological states.

What to eat before taking a test

When the week of evaluations at school arrives, we know that several heavy days await us. There are times when we have two exams or even expositions in a single day, making it difficult to understand and explain so much information. However, a good school performance does not only depend on how many hours you dedicate to study, but it is also complemented with a good diet.

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As we know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you should take advantage of it to eat the best food. Have a fried egg for breakfast, with whole wheat toast, a basic for retaining information!

Prepare a powerful smoothie for breakfast, with almond or coconut milk, a spoonful of oatmeal and a banana. If you want you can combine two fruits of your choice, like strawberry with banana, it tastes delicious.

Can you eat before fit testing?
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