Can you get a completion certificate without planning permission?

Can you get a completion certificate without planning permission?

Prescription for demolition of a building without a license

When a construction reaches its final stage, it is necessary to notify the corresponding authorities of this fact and that is where the certificate of end of construction comes in; in this entry we are going to explain what it is and how to request this document.

The certificate of completion is the document that certifies that the works for which a building permit was requested have been completed. It is essential that the document is signed by the work director (usually an architect) and by the work execution director (usually a technical architect).

In the case that the work carried out is not a building, the certificate of completion can be signed by an engineer or technical engineer, as well as by an architect or technical architect. In the case of the engineers, these will assume the positions of director of the work and director of execution of the work, and the visa will be of their professional association.

As you can see, the document itself warns us that the certificate is not valid without the corresponding visas, these elements are as important as the signatures of the director of the execution of the work as well as the director of the work.

Model of certificate of finished work

The license of first occupation is the administrative document granted by the City council that justifies that a property or building has been finished correctly and is apt for its occupation, it can replace the certificate of habitability and it is a necessary and obligatory document to Sell and Deed a Housing.

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It is the Autonomous Legislation the one that regulates the criteria and procedures for the concession of the License of First Occupation. Thus, each Autonomous Community has its own Regulations for its concession and the Town Halls are the ones in charge of its supervision and fulfillment for the concession of the same ones.

We can make an exception that would be in the houses of VPO or Protected Housing in which it is the State through the Ministry of Housing the one in charge to grant the Certificate of First Occupation that makes to all the effects of Certificate of First Occupation.

It is also obligatory to request and obtain this license when we make a Change of Use of a Building. In some Communities, such as Navarra, a Provisional First Occupancy License is required for the use of Provisional Works.

Buying a house without a building permit

The building completion certificate is a document that certifies that the works for which a building permit has been requested have been completed. This document must be signed by the construction manager and the construction execution manager. Usually, in building works, the construction manager is an architect and the construction execution manager is a technical architect.

In any case, this final work certificate must be signed by the technicians who have been part of the project management, since this certificate is not an independent document but belongs to the work of project management and project execution management respectively. This document must be endorsed by the corresponding professional associations, namely the architects’ association and the technical architects’ association.

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In some cases, some municipalities require that when the construction manager is a senior engineer, the construction manager must be a technical engineer, in order to be on an equal footing with architects and technical architects. In case of doubt, the best thing to do is to contact the town planning service of the corresponding town hall to ask who are the competent technicians to compose the project management in each specific case.

Builder’s Certificate of Completion

Mmmm… What is the intended use?…. If there is no defined use, is the intended use compatible with the land and the building?…. If you have presented a project for a “tool shed”, what activity are you going to develop inside?…. All this is a bit obscure, isn’t it…?

It is supposed that the city council in the license gives you a term to finish the works and to present the final documentation of work. After that period, and depending on the town hall, either nothing happens or they demand that documentation. If the CFO is not delivered and the city council does not claim it, nothing happens until it happens… an inspection, a denunciation…

If the end of work is not delivered, the guarantees do not run and officially you are responsible for what can happen in “the work”, bad matter not to close the works, very bad matter, already to some it has cost him a good displeasure.

You make him the project with all his avios – he obtains license – the city council remains calm and also he – you resign to the direction of work (because he does not think to finish it and you are not going to be responsible for what happens) – all happy.

Can you get a completion certificate without planning permission?
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