Can you just put a boat in the water?

What is the volume of a ship

If there is something that can scare us aboard a boat, especially in open sea, is that an uncontrolled entry of water into the boat can cause flooding and, in extreme cases, the sinking of the boat. Would you know how to act if a waterway occurs? We tell you everything in this post.

Sometimes, voluntary flooding can occur to avoid the loss of the boat, which happens when to quell a fire that we can not control, for example in the engine compartment: in this case, the bottom taps are opened and the boat is brought to little water to beach it.

As we have already explained, time is the key factor in saving the boat. However, before implementing the anti-flooding protocol, you must check if the vessel is really in danger. To do this, the first thing to do is to check the type of water:

Depending on where the water ingress route is, the problem may be more or less serious, although it is always important to try to tackle it as soon as possible. The most common causes for water ingress are:

How to calculate the volume of a boat

Once you find the hole, you must close it with everything you have available: rags, sails, a bucket pressed tightly into the hole, even after having wrapped it in a cloth, a sheet of plywood to put pressure on it by supporting it with a boat handle, an oar or whatever.

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The risks are represented by the impurities that in this way there is the risk of catching them. To solve the problem you must have a filter. All a little more complicated, but if you think it is worth it, after all it is not difficult to apply a pipe to T on the sea intake of the engine and to establish a long pipe with a filter to be applied to the free exit of the T in case of necessity.

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Why do boats float in the sea if they are so heavy?

A leak in a boat is a nautical emergency. It is one of the great fears of boating enthusiasts: that the ocean we enjoy will suddenly flood the boat and make it disappear to the bottom of the sea.

Pleasure boats have low-capacity bilges (lower hull area) that can fill up with water very quickly. Imagine the scenario: a hole three centimeters in diameter lets in about 50 liters of water per minute!

First of all, set a course for shallow water. Then activate the bilge pumps without shutting down the engine. Now, the crew members will have to share the work: someone will pump with the hand pump and the others will bail out with the buckets. Try to lower the water level.

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Once you find the leak, you have to plug it. Use whatever you can: mats, clothes, cushions, a bucket pressed hard against the hole, an oar… On sailboats, you could use one of the sails (jib) from the outside, pass it under the hull and tighten it from side to side.

Boat in the water drawing

1. Put water in the container and put the paper boat on the water, so that you can see that it floats. If you want you can put a drop of coloring in the water to make it more fun. (this is optional)

Although it is not seen and we forget that it exists, there is air around us. When we take an empty glass, there is air inside. When we turn it around, what we are doing is pressing the air into the water in the container. In this way, the boat sinks but does not get wet because the air manages to separate the water from the bottom.

What happens when you put cornstarch in the water? Cornstarch is a non-Newtonian liquid that hardens when you press on it. So when you lower the glass, if you do it fast, you may encounter resistance and you can’t do it.

Can you just put a boat in the water?
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