Can you paint over damp proof course?

Can be painted over waterproofing paint

A primer coat is best used on rough surfaces such as metal, aluminum, vinyl or brick. It is also a good choice for surfaces that must be painted over a dark color. It is not recommended for surfaces that have been painted over with a light color. However, you should keep it in mind in the following cases:

If you want to have the best results in priming, you have to make sure you use a quality primer. At RTS, we have the FijaExtrem range to help prime all types of surfaces. Want more information?

What is the best waterproofing for exterior walls?

This is one of our favorite contents and we are sure you will love it because we are aware that the task of painting walls is not as easy as it may seem, and we want to warn you before the first brush stroke. Reading this will determine the success of your paint application. The mistakes that we explain below are precisely the consequence of believing that painting can open the paint can, a brush and that’s it.  Consider the following as a checklist of what to avoid or correct.  Take note and say goodbye to future expenses and rework.

Any problem of this type assures the complete failure of your application. WARNING, if you detect a little or a lot of any of these (paint peeling, saltpeter or mildew, etc…) is a big reason for us to make a moisture repair first, and how to do it? go to this post “Tips to prolong the life of your finishes” where we explain the solution for each type of problem.

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Continuing with error 1, when the problem is rising damp in walls (similar or equal to the image below) this is the repair and care you should give to the wall “Step by step to repair rising damp”.

Can be painted over membrane

When we saw these pictures we asked the client to provide us with a sketch with the areas with humidities and also photos of the lower parts of the wall. We found the following distribution of condensation dampness:

Condensations due to lack of ventilation are usual in the upper areas of the house: upper part of the walls and ceilings. However, condensation due to thermal bridging problems can occur in any part of the wall.

In mild condensation dampness caused by exterior insulation problems, the skirting (even if it is wood) is slow to be affected, but the dampness already shows with stains and fungus on the wall from the beginning.

In our experience we have even seen condensation only in pillars or beams, keeping the rest of the facing in perfect condition. The condensation dampness, we must remember that they are formed when the interior humidity of the house comes into contact with cold surfaces reaching the dew point on contact with those surfaces. In this case, a poorly insulated wall transmits the cold outside and spreads it through the plate (ceilings) to the interior.

Waterproofing for damp walls

Renovate the exterior wall of your house, protect it from humidity or give it a change of look in the most economical way. How? Doing it yourself. Here is a practical step-by-step guide on how to do it, how to insulate against humidity, which waterproofing paint is best for you, and color suggestions for facades.

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However, avoid painting over humidity because it is a waste of time and money. Even if you apply the best damp-proofing product on the market, the stain will reappear in a few days. So before applying the waterproofing paint for facades, repair the exterior wall of your house and locate the root of the humidities (by condensation or filtration) so that they do not appear again. Most of the time, moisture problems come from exterior walls with cracks, poor waterproofing of the facade, or gutters in poor condition. In this case, to rehabilitate the surface with humidities it is advisable to use products that isolate and protect from the inclemency of the weather, for example this superhydrofuge waterproofing.

Can you paint over damp proof course?
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