Do police get involved with missing parcels?

Do police get involved with missing parcels?

Inter-American Convention on Forced Disappearance of Persons pdf

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Bartolomé Vargas, prosecutor for Road Safety, defines them as harmful because they allow drunken people, criminals and even terrorists, to know and, therefore, evade the action of Justice.

The Civil Guard intercepted a ton and a half of hashish when it was trying to leave Fuerteventura, bound for the peninsula, hidden under a sophisticated double bottom enabled in a tanker truck.

Jurisprudence forced disappearance

Corruption mega-case against a criminal organization led by former Mayor Manuel Páucar Ramírez and his son, included officials, councilors, workers and businessmen who supplied the Municipality of Chavín de Huántar.

Upon assuming the Office of the Public Prosecutor, Zoraida Ávalos Rivera reiterated her commitment to support the prosecutors in charge of emblematic cases. She informed that an additional budget has been requested to the Executive Power to continue the fight against corruption, money laundering and organized crime.

José Cruz Flores Guerrero, alleged leader of “Los Cuellos Verdes del Milagro”, was seized almost S/. 82 thousand soles in cash and would have diverted more than S/. 1 million 580 thousand soles in Amazonas.

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The measure was adopted after an unannounced visit yesterday in Piura and Sullana. It was decided to initiate criminal action against the prosecutor involved in the alleged act of corruption and new heads of the Internal Control Offices were appointed.

For irregularities in the agreement with the Integral Health Insurance (SIS). Prosecutor’s accusation includes the former head of the SIS and five former SIS officials, as well as the former general manager of Clínica Osteoporosis SAC.

Protocol for the search for missing persons in Argentina

“The problem is that mergers do not solve the problem of profitability and at the same time generate an ever-increasing systemic risk,” explains the economist, who recalls that the objectives of market monopolization operations are usually aimed at consolidating this control in order to impose prices and increase profits.

This is the main reason why situations of apparent insolvency such as those of Bankia or Popular are resolved by means of rescue or endorsement, which in practice converge as routes to concentration, rather than through insolvency proceedings whose requirements do not appear to be acceptable to the State.

Enforced disappearance human rights

Sources of the investigation also explained that during 2007 the police forces and the Civil Guard seized 481,600 units of ecstasy throughout the country, whose price on the market ranges between eight and ten euros.

The operation which led to the seizure of the drugs, baptized ‘Errante’, began last May when the police became aware of the existence of an organization based in Madrid, which was dedicated to the purchase, storage and distribution of large quantities of synthetic narcotics.

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The investigations detected the contacts between the investigated persons and the buyers of the drug in Madrid, of Colombian origin, who were acquiring consignments of ecstasy for its subsequent distribution in the capital. After establishing that a transaction of this type of drug was going to take place, a device was set up which located the delivery point in a bar in the capital.

There, a man of Italian nationality handed over a vehicle to one of the two buyers, both Colombians, in which, apparently, he had transported the drug by road from Holland.

Do police get involved with missing parcels?
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