Do Stillborns have birth certificates?

Do Stillborns have birth certificates?

What do they do with dead fetuses in hospitals?

Most women who have had a stillbirth have a very high chance of having a healthy pregnancy in the future. Problems with the placenta and cord or chromosomal abnormalities are unlikely to recur. Some steps you can take to help prevent another stillbirth are:When to Call Your Doctor

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Medical certificate of late fetal death statistics

The registration of the fetal death denounced in these proceedings is ordered, according to the terms of the certificate issued by the intervening physician (Articles 50 -second paragraph-, 51 and 88 of Law 14078) and the corresponding burial license (Article 95), so that the plaintiff could bury the remains of her son. This is so because the requirements foreseen in the mentioned provincial law were found to be met, which made the requested registration order appropriate, having considered that inalienable legal rights were at stake, both of the unborn child or stillborn child as well as of the plaintiff mother, whose effectiveness should be immediately guaranteed.

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IN THE MATTER OF THE ACTION: To render judgment in the present proceedings entitled: “T., B. M. S/ MATERIA A CATEGORIZAR”, File No. 18.058, in process before this Court of First Instance for Contentious Administrative Matters No. 1 of the Judicial Department of Zárate-Campana, of which

I.- On pages 14/22 (4/17/2019) Mrs. B. M. T. appears in her own right, with the legal representation of Dr. Sergio Baigorri (Official Defender) and requests the judicial order to register the fetal death of her son (which occurred on 6/1/2018 at the “San José” Hospital of Campana) and the granting of the corresponding license for the burial of said remains, in order to proceed with his burial.

Chile attends to birth certificates

It may be requested by the relatives of the deceased, the inhabitants of the house where the death occurred or the neighbors who know of his personal and family situation (to provide the information that will be requested), who must come with the required documents.

It is appropriate that the relatives of the deceased, the inhabitants of the house where the death occurred or the neighbors request the inscription. If the deceased was in a health or other facility, the head of the facility must request the registration.

It is practiced when the death occurs in rural areas, the deceased did not have medical attention in urban areas; also if a doctor of the health services of the area called to certify the death, cannot determine the cause of death. In such cases, the physician must issue a certificate with the causes that prevent the issuance of the Medical Certificate of Death.

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In these cases, it is sufficient for the applicant to go to the cemetery where the deceased will be buried and give the Medical Certificate of Death to the person in charge of the cemetery. In addition, he/she must provide the necessary information for the cemetery to request the inscription in the Civil Registry.

How to order a birth certificate

The Romano-Germanic family has a solid Romanistic base (6th century A.D., with the compilation of the Emperor Justinian), starting from the ius civile, and is based on the prescriptive and written formulation, through the creation, among other sources, of monocodified legislation (Civil Code, Penal Code…). Legislation prevails over custom and general principles of law. Thus, in the application of the law, the precept best suited to the case is used; and in interpretation, normative provisions are explained. Currently1, this family is identified in Western Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

If the parents are not united by marriage, the father of the child may be responsible for the registration of the birth (and the documentary consideration as the father), provided that the following conditions are met:

Upon completion of the registration, the registrar will provide the parents with a simple or abbreviated copy of the birth certificate (abbreviated extract). However, the abbreviated copy is issued upon payment of a fee.

Do Stillborns have birth certificates?
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