Do universities ask for GCSE certificates?

Igcse subjects

I studied 3BUP in USA (how old I am…!!!!). In my BUP degree, unlike my classmates, it didn’t say that I got a grade, only that I got it. It is the university, when you apply for a place that gives you the grade. The UVA evaluated it as SB all (in all of them I had A) but the UGA in other cases evaluated it as 5.0 SF (also all with A).

This only approves you baccalaureate and general phase (ie. over 10), but not the specific phase (weightings up to 14). You would have to do the selectividad for foreigners – that is, not the one of the Generalitat but the one of the UNED, but you would not have to do it all, just a couple of subjects, that weight you 0.2 in order to get the maximum possible grade.

The paperwork is up to my father and I guess I will be, although it is not a problem not to be because it is very easy to enroll. And yes, I have to go to the consulate in Edinburgh! The trip is only about two hours.

I know it’s not necessary but man, it would help! Does it matter if for example instead of doing 4 A-Levels (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Spanish, with A/A* grades and reaching those 620 points) I do some more subjects and I can relax a bit and get for example B in some of them? Does it matter as long as I reach 620 points?

Igcse vs. first certificate

IB graduates have the potential to be self-motivated leaders who can contribute to consolidating a university’s overall academic prestige and internationalization strategy. To attract IB students, universities recognize IB PD, PD courses, POP certificates and PAI certificates, where applicable.

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The IB is currently creating an online database that will contain the recognition policies of universities around the world. The IB intends to launch this new resource in 2022. In the meantime, we recommend contacting students’ chosen universities to find out how they recognize IB programs.

Local and national governments around the world recognize IB programs as offering internationally accredited curricula and degrees. The degree of recognition of IB programs varies from country to country. The following statements outline country-specific recognition considerations and, where appropriate, include official agreements or policies issued by national or state governing bodies.

Igcse level

I have read several posts on this topic, but it is not very clear to me. An English university is asking me through NARIC (I’ve seen the bad reputation, but they require it) to prove that I have the equivalence of GCSE in Maths and English. So I wanted to know what exactly I have to send them (I wrote to NARIC and they sent me a great marketing email selling me all their virtues …).

they are asking for O levels and A levels, to get into many places they ask for 3 O levels (ESO or BUP) and 2 A levels (COU or bachillerato) including math and English. You will have to send them a photocopy of the original and an official translation. Also, from what I understand, they ask you to send them a comparison of NARIC, so you will have to spend your money to send you the equivalence.

But as I think it is very difficult to get in … (I only have the first degree, my level is a little above that but I don’t think I’ll reach the advance) I’m thinking about spending the money on the naric, so I don’t know what to do.

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Do universities ask for GCSE certificates?
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