How can I apostille my marriage certificate in India?

How can I apostille my marriage certificate in India?

Certificate of matrimonial capacity venezuela

If you need to use your document in any member country of the Hague Convention, you need an Apostille. What the Apostille does is to certify the authenticity of the signature on this document, the capacity in which the person signing has acted and, where appropriate, the identity of the seal or seals on the document.We work with all Hague Convention countries and have contacts and local offices all over the world, including more than 20 countries in Europe, North America and Latin America.REQUEST A NO COMMITMENT QUOTE

Therefore, it is of great value to have a thorough knowledge of the legal issues related to source texts, not to mention that any mistake can have serious consequences, i.e. in law, language and its accuracy are very important.

We will help you obtain and authenticate official documents needed for immigration purposes. Our document request team helps our clients obtain the correct and valid documents needed for their immigration processes in a timely manner.

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When doing business in a foreign country you will find that you will be asked for apostilled documents, that is, documents bearing the Apostille of the Hague. Do apostilles expire? When? As we will see below, it will depend on the type of apostille.

The Hague Apostille is a notation that serves to make documents that have been certified by an Apostille valid in a foreign country that has also subscribed to the Hague Convention.

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One of the frequent doubts about the Hague Apostille is to know if it expires. Well, it depends on the type of apostilled document, since the apostille will remain valid as long as the document is valid:

If you have a valid apostilled document, you should know that the apostille is only valid for a specific country and not for all the signatories of the Hague Convention, so if you have to make formalities with another foreign country you will not be able to take advantage of the document, even if it is not expired.

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The Apostille certifies the authenticity of the signature and seal of the signatory, as well as his or her authority to issue the document. For this, the original document must be presented.

For Chilean documents, the Apostille is issued by the competent Chilean authority. The involvement of the German Embassy or a German Honorary Consul in the region is not required. The Chilean government provides extensive information about the Apostille procedure at

The competent authority issuing the Apostille will join the certificate with the Apostille by means of a seal. The documents joined in this way cannot be separated again in order to ensure the validity of the document (e.g. by a translator).

For German documents the Apostille is issued by the competent German authority (see below). The involvement of the Chilean Embassy or a Chilean Consulate in Germany is not required.

Within the Länder the competence is not regulated in a unified manner. Therefore, it is recommended to contact the issuing authority of the document in order to find out which entity issues the Hague Apostille. Generally the competence falls on:

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Certificate of Marriage Capacity

The Chancellery has a system to carry out procedures digitally. For individuals and companies who require international validation of their documentation, there is an online documentation certification project, through which the Foreign Ministry has adapted existing circuits through the “Trámite a Distancia” ( option.

All documents issued by the Chilean Civil Registry and Identification Service can be apostilled. It may be requested at any office, but the process is faster at the main offices in each region.[2] In Costa Rica, in accordance with law N. N. 1, the apostille can be requested at any office in the country.

In Costa Rica, according to Law No. 8923, published in La Gaceta No. 47 of March 8, 2011, the accession of Costa Rica to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961 was approved. Therefore, as of December 14, 2011, Costa Rica is authorized to grant Apostilles.

– Contact the institution where the required document is issued. In the case of the DGSC, you must go to the Training and Development Center (CECADES) or to the International Cooperation Office, where the corresponding signature will be affixed.

How can I apostille my marriage certificate in India?
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