How can I cheat on my theory test?

How can I cheat on my theory test?


is very important. You have to pay attention, of course, to schedules, prices, availability, etc. but you should not forget about the quality of the classes and the treatment received since the stay has to be as good as possible so that we have interest in going and desire to learn.

It is impossible to learn by heart all the tests that are available in driving schools, calculate about 90 tests with 30 questions each, that’s about 2,700 questions! Memorizing a test is pointless because you don’t have the basis for driving a vehicle. It is too serious to be taken lightly. And remember that the purpose of the tests is to rehearse for exams,

for the exams. Everyone has a rhythm. When all the concepts are clear and the tests demonstrate the knowledge learned, then we can think of a date to take the test. There are students who manage to prepare in 2 weeks, but others need 2 months or sometimes even more.

It is not only to pass the exam. We must be clear about what driving a vehicle entails, we have a huge responsibility and we must do it as safe and aware as possible. You don’t learn tricks to pass. An examiner assesses whether you perceive the risks, anticipate them, keep the right distance…


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In the theory test to obtain a driver’s license there are questions that are more difficult to answer than others. The lack of understanding of the statements, together with an incorrect reading of them, are just some of the most common mistakes that are usually made. If you want to know which are the trick questions and how to answer them well, we will tell you about them below.

Before getting into the subject, we would like to insist on the need to be well prepared for the exam; take the tests over and over again until no mistakes are made, but without learning them by heart or answering them automatically, but understanding each question and reasoning each answer. To do this, it is essential to attend the tutorial classes that we give at the driving school and write down in a notebook all the doubts that may have arisen when taking the tests at home.

How to pass the theoretical driving test and fail less often

The driving license theory test is an obstacle for many people. Some do not like to study, and others are in a hurry to take it. The fact is that from what we see in the new Road Safety Law, there are people who cheat is the driving test, because they have toughened the punishment.

By unauthorized communication devices it refers mainly to the cell phone, which must be turned off during the test. But also to microphones or headphones to contact another person who is looking for the answers.

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Cheating discovered in polo shirt to pass driving test

In order to put an end to tip-offs and cheating, the DGT has decided to install a frequency inhibitor in the classrooms where driving license exams are held. In addition to requesting all attendees to turn off their cell phones and leave them on the table, next to the ID card, to keep everything under control.

The use of jamming devices will block any frequency leaving the classroom or attempting to enter it. Those who try to cheat by having a “prompter” telling them the answers will see how their efforts are not rewarded.

With this measure, the Traffic Department wants to ensure that those who pass the test do so in a lawful manner, clearly demonstrating that they know the basics of the Highway Code and can apply them at the wheel when necessary once they obtain their license.

The purpose of these devices is clear. Their function is to prevent one communication device from being able to connect to another. To do so, it uses a system similar to cyber attacks, saturating the space occupied by the frequency with electronic noise so that the voice or data coming from the outside cannot reach it.

How can I cheat on my theory test?
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