How can I check someones marital status for free?

How to find out if I am married in the registry office

However, it may be that you do not know what is your current status or that of another person, which you are meeting and want to get to the next step. Here you have the opportunity to How to know the marital status of a person on the Internet.

Although there are systems to consult via online the marital status of a person as the RENIEC, there are also other methods to achieve How to know the marital status of a person by Internet, then we detail them:

So that you can request the change of your civil status, it is very simple, this procedure is only done in person. However, you can do it online if the modification to be made is from (single to married).

Administrative: in the Sub Management of Investigation and Depuration of RENIEC, you have to rectify your civil status administratively, and take the answer of this procedure to where the institution can correct your status to Single.

It is necessary, before doing this process, to make the corresponding payment for the procedure.    The cost is S/ 24.00, and can be paid at Banco de la Nacion and Banco de Credito, which has a commission of S/ 3.40.

Verify civil status of an Argentinean person

The acta, partida or birth certificate, which in Colombia is called registro civil de nacimiento, is a document that serves as a certificate that you were born within the Colombian territory.

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If you need to obtain a certified copy of your civil registry of birth, you can do it without any complications from the comfort of your home, quickly and with free delivery to your address, making use of the professional and reliable service provided by the private agency “Partidas Ya”, who will provide you with personalized assistance in real time and will allow you to follow up your request online 24 hours a day.

Also required are the citizenship or foreigner’s identity card and passport of the parents (in case of foreigners) and a certificate proving the HR and blood type of the person to be registered.

Registration in the civil registry is a free procedure. As stated in Article 45 of Decree 1260 of 1970, this procedure must be carried out by the mother or father of the newborn as soon as possible.

Consult marital status with dni

Having the information in the Civil Registry databases in the shortest possible time, makes us consider today, the need to take advantage of technological resources, so that day by day, we can provide a better service to the people administered and as far as possible, this service involves the digitization of data from the moment in which the vital facts or registrable legal acts occur. Notaries declaring marriages from their offices are part of the challenges that we have set ourselves and that we are now meeting today.

The system is developed in such a way that it is a user-friendly tool that protects the security of the registry from the moment the Notaries are registered, with the incorporation of the “digital signature” certificates of the Central Bank of Costa Rica.

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The online connection with our databases, represents an additional input to the declaration, which will eliminate the possibility of declaring impossible marriages (article 14 of the Family Code) and transcription errors when the marriage celebrated is of Costa Rican persons, since the data will be extracted from these.

Verifying a person’s marital status

Particularly if the death occurs unexpectedly or suddenly, it can lead to ill-considered decisions that involve excessive spending or the violation of their rights as consumers,

From the Consumer Portal we want to help users to know their rights when their relative dies. You can consult and download here a graphic-summary of the most important procedures that you will have to carry out.

Some of the necessary administrative procedures can be carried out over the Internet, but in order to complete them, you will need to have the digital certificates required in each case, or the DNIe with the certificates in force.

The center will be in charge of communicating the death and registering the death telematically. Subsequently, the death certificate can be requested at the corresponding Civil Registry.

Registration of the death. It must be carried out by the relatives or persons living with the deceased or, failing that, by the neighbors. If the death occurs outside the home, in addition to the relatives, the head of the establishment where the death occurred or the competent authority are obliged to do so. It will be done at the Civil Registry, presenting the medical certificate of death and the ID card or passport of the deceased, together with the official form.

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How can I check someones marital status for free?
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