How can I renew my NISM certificate?

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How to make an appointment at the DGTThe validity of an unrenewed driving licenseThe time interval you have to renew your driving license begins three months before the expiration date indicated on the document itself.

To do so, you will not need to retake the theory test or the practical test, nor will you have to take classes. You will simply have to go to a Driver’s Recognition Center or to the corresponding Traffic Headquarters to carry out the necessary procedures. How to renew an expired license

National Register of Associations

First of all, we thank you for your interest in the certification services of the FNMT-RCM. Below we will try to answer your message. If the information we provide is not what you require, please do not hesitate to contact us again at [email protected]

This citizen service provided by the FNMT-RCM cannot answer any tax questions. If this is your case, you can obtain the information you require at or by calling 901 335 533.

9 Apr. 2020 at 11:25, WHICH WE REITERATE INTEGROUSLY BELOW.I did manage, after more than half an hour of waiting, to talk in information with Natalia to whom I tried to explain that the damage of not having the certificate that only FNMT can issue is much higher than its value, and that if we did not receive an adequate response, for the purposes and priorities of APEDANICA, we would have to initiate actions. As it seems, FNMT does not give any option other than to revoke the certificate that we paid and did not receive, and to restart the procedures by going again to the Tax Agency to identify myself, which is impossible due to the confinement. We understand that article 1902 of the Civil Code is applicable and we are studying how to denounce so that everything related to our failed certificate is inspected, so on behalf of APEDANICA I request that you preserve all the evidence and indications and that you provide us with all the information to which we are entitled, as injured parties by the FNMT, as soon as possible.Dr. Ing. Miguel Gallardo, Tel. 902998352 On Thu, 9 Apr. 2020 at 11:25, apedanica ong (<[email protected]>) wrote:I have called the

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Oficio addressed to the Ministry of the Interior

It is important to bear in mind that, as long as you have an expired driving license, you must not drive.    We remind you that you can submit the application 3 months before the expiration date.

The most common is to renew your license directly at the Medical Examination Center (here is a list of authorized centers) where you are going to have the psycho-physical aptitude report necessary for the renewal. You can also do it at the DGT, taking into account that you will have to provide the report of psychophysical aptitude issued by an authorized Drivers’ Recognition Center. Remember that the aptitude report expires 90 working days after its issuance.

You can also carry out the whole process online through the Electronic Registry. You must have a valid electronic ID or electronic certificate or your [email protected] credentials to access the registry. In addition, as the presentation of your document must be signed, it is important that you verify that you have downloaded the AutoFirma program before registering. You have a service that verifies that your equipment meets the requirements to be able to carry out the procedures telematically.

How can I renew my NISM certificate?
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