How do I certify as self-employed?

How do I certify as self-employed?

Self-employed registration ss

The Recognition of professional competences acquired through work experience and/or non-formal training is a process through which a candidate is granted an official accreditation after evaluation of his/her professional competences.

Professional competencies can be officially accredited through the calls for the procedure for the evaluation and accreditation of professional competencies acquired through work experience or non-formal training, aimed at all those persons who have acquired their professional competencies through work experience and/or training of which they do not have an official accreditation.

The professional competences of a person reflect the set of knowledge and skills that allow the exercise of the professional activity in accordance with the requirements of production and employment.

Self-employed registration

The employment history report can be requested through the Social Security E-Office or by SMS. Depending on how it is requested, it can be consulted online or sent to your home address by mail.

Contracts signed with a company will also help you to prove your work and professional career. They include the position, the start date of the job and, in the case of temporary employment, the end date.

The company certificate is an essential document that you will have to present when applying for unemployment benefits. This document is used to determine whether or not the worker is entitled to the benefit and the amount of the benefit.

The company certificate certifies that a person has become unemployed after having worked for a company and details the reason for this situation: dismissal, ERE, termination of a temporary contract…

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Invoices are important, especially if you are self-employed. The expenses and taxes that you have being self-employed are important at the time of making the quarterly declarations or applying the amortization of assets in the IRPF.

Requirements to be self-employed in spain 2021

Companies are obliged to give it to their workers so that everything that has been withheld during the time they have been providing their services can be seen. This has to be the original and signed, otherwise it could be invalid.

It will allow us to verify that the result of our income tax return coincides with the information of these certificates, since once the Treasury takes out the draft we will be able to verify that these data correspond with the reality.

Registration as self-employed in Spain

The incorporation of the self-employed to the RED system or the system of electronic notifications of the Social Security has put many self-employed on alert. From Infoautónomos we lower the level of alarm and give you the solution to comply: obtaining the digital certificate for self-employed.

If you already have your digital certificate, you will know about its benefits; if not, this article will be of interest to you. In it we tell you what the digital certificate is, what procedures you can carry out with it and above all, here comes the most interesting part, how to request the digital certificate for individuals.

The obligatory incorporation to the RED system is a good reason but the real reason is in the main objective of the order: the electronic processing of all the administrative obligations of the self-employed, those that have to do with the Special Regime of Self-Employed Workers (RETA) Social Security and the Treasury that we detail below and that, remember, we manage in the online consultancy of Infoautónomos from where we also advise you to get your digital certificate.

How do I certify as self-employed?
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