How do I check my MOT certificate?

Free vehicle report

The DGT app has different functions available: in it, we can include the virtual driving license or the documentation of each of our vehicles. And among them is also included the possibility of consulting when the ITV of our car or cars expires. We tell you how to do it.

This application, which included new features last December (request vehicle report, payment of fees and sharing vehicle information), is available on both iOS and Android.

When we register our profile in the application using the aforementioned keys, our cars or vehicles and all their data are automatically linked to miDGT. This section appears in a drop-down menu in our profile and is called ‘My Vehicles’. By clicking on it, our car or cars appear.

It should not be forgotten that driving with an expired or unfavorable ITV is a serious infraction, which does not entail the deduction of points from the driver’s license, but a financial fine of 200 euros (100 euros in prompt payment).

Free vehicle information by license plate

The Dirección General de Tráfico offers you a free mobile application so that you can carry your driving license and the documentation of your vehicles in digital format on your cell phone. You can also use it to carry out procedures such as requesting a vehicle report, paying your fines or telling us who was driving your vehicle if you have been unjustly penalized, as well as notifying us if your vehicle is usually driven by another person, buying fees to carry out your procedures or sharing the documentation of your vehicles.

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Request a vehicle report, pay your fines, identify the driver who was driving your vehicle, notify the usual driver of your vehicle, buy the fees you need or change your address.

Your vehicle registration, technical data, environmental badge, ITV, insurance… You can also notify us if your vehicle is usually driven by another person, obtain a vehicle report to know its status or share your vehicle’s documentation.

How to know the date of expiration of the itv

Vehicles with more than one owner (co-owners), in a situation of temporary or definitive deregistration or due to theft, vehicles with historical registration, with seals or refusals, and vehicles in the process of import or whose owner is a minor or a person under guardianship. More information in the section “What is an exceptional case and how to carry out the procedure”.

The Ayuda Driving License and the Ayuda ITV card are necessary documentation for any vehicle to be able to circulate on the roads of our country.  If you have suffered a loss, theft or deterioration of any of these documents, it is important that you request a duplicate, which will contain the same information as the original document.

The ITV card or technical card is the document that certifies that the vehicle is approved to circulate on the roads of our country. These cards are issued by the ITV stations. If you need a duplicate, you must request it at any ITV station.


The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) will allow users and authorities to check online if a vehicle has a valid Vehicle Technical Inspection Certificate (ITV). They will only have to enter

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“We must be aware that a false ITV certificate, as well as an improperly obtained driver’s license, may result in a dead person on the roads,” warned the official.

How do I check my MOT certificate?
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