How do I get a certificate?

How do I get a certificate?

Requesting a digital certificate

The process of obtaining an electronic certificate varies depending on the issuing certification authority (consult the instructions of the certification authority you have chosen on its corresponding web page). If, for example, you wish to obtain a certificate from the Spanish Mint (FNMT), you must follow these steps:

If you would like to obtain your certificate on a cryptographic card, you will need to get one and a card reader in case your computer does not have one. In addition, you must first install the FNMT root certificate and install the software that you will have received with the card. From here, the steps to obtain the certificate are the same as those specified above, except that the request and download must be made with the card in the reader. Also, for the first step, you will have to choose ‘User certificate on cryptographic card’ instead of ‘User certificate’ on the web page.

Download digital certificate

In both processes there is a step that is the identification of the responsible or user of the certificate, which requires that he/she goes to the offices of a Registration Authority. These offices corroborate the identity.

Each Certification Provider establishes deadlines before the certificate expires in order to renew it without the need for further identification. In the case of FNMT certificates, they are valid for 36 months and can be renewed during the 2 months prior to expiration.

If the Certificate expires, the whole process of applying for the certificate must be redone. However, a certificate can be renewed before it expires and the process does not require a new application.

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It is neither a passport nor a travel document that conditions or restricts the right to free movement in the European Union, but an instrument that facilitates mobility between Member States and guarantees health protection.

– Through the website: In order to access the service you will only need your ID card and a cell phone number that you already have associated as a contact with the Canary Health Service. When you enter these data, an SMS will be sent to your contact cell phone with a code that you will have to enter as a second step to access the service. Once inside the service, if you meet the established criteria, you will be able to download the Test and/or Vaccination certificates.

– Through miHistoria: The digital service of miHistoria allows you to download the three types of Digital certificates: Vaccination, recovery and tests. You have all the information on how to access this digital service through the following link:

It is preferable to request the CCD in the CCAA in which the diagnostic test or vaccination has been done, although it is already possible to obtain the CCD from the ministry with the digital services available in the Canary Islands.

Request digital signature

As of February 1, 2022, new rules come into force providing for a binding acceptance period of nine months for vaccination certificates used for travel within the EU.

Member States must not provide for a different acceptance period for travel within the European Union. The standard acceptance period does not apply to booster dose certificates.

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Any measures restricting free movement must be proportionate and non-discriminatory. Member States must not, in principle, refuse entry to persons traveling from other Member States.

The national authorities are responsible for issuing the certificate. It could be issued, for example, by testing centers or health authorities, or directly through an e-health portal.

The digital version can be stored on a mobile device. Citizens can also request a paper version. Both will have a QR code containing essential information, as well as a digital signature to ensure that the certificate is authentic.

How do I get a certificate?
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