How do I start my own pest control company?

How do I start my own pest control company?

How to create a pest control company

The pest control service is essential when our home or office is invaded by a pest, and a poison from the supermarket has not been enough to eliminate them. You have to know that there are two types of pests you can specialize in: garden and orchard pests or pests inside the home.

The equipment you need for pest control services is very easy to obtain. The best thing to do is to take some training courses where you will be certified and learn all the necessary tools.

Then it is necessary to obtain a Notice of Operation before the COFEPRIS (National Commission for Protection against Health Risks) for this you will need to assign a technical manager of the business which will be responsible for compliance with the safety regulations of a pest control business, which must be certified by the Ministry of Health, or you can be yourself only you must meet training requirements and take an exam.

Is a pest control company profitable

The pest control plan, also called disinsection and rodent control (D+D) plan, includes the application of a series of preventive and control measures to be used systematically in food establishments to avoid the presence of animals that may constitute a pest.

The signs that indicate the existence of rodents are: Presence of rodents, either dead or alive. They are difficult to detect because of their nocturnal habits, but if they are observed it indicates a serious infestation. Noises. Burrows and nests. Chewing of materials. Droppings.

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For example: in a company in time 1 9 individuals were captured, marked and released; and in time 2 12 were captured, of which 3 individuals were marked, when establishing the relation: Replacing, it is: = , Clearing, P = 36

The massive and indiscriminate use of pesticides generated the appearance of resistance phenomena. Many of the pests treated with pesticides became resistant to the mechanisms of action of these products, and began to cease to be efficient. These resistance phenomena and the high toxicity of many of the chemicals used led to the emergence of the concept of integrated pest management (IPM).

Pest control certification

Are you thinking of starting a business and looking for new opportunities? The pest control business can be very profitable, since it is aimed at customers who need an urgent and professional solution. In this article we tell you what are the requirements to set up a pest control company.

To know them, we can go to the Royal Decree 3349/1983, of November 30, which approves the Technical-Sanitary Regulations for the manufacture, marketing and use of pesticides. Specifically, article 4.5 states the following:

For the purposes of their official control, facilities intended to carry out treatments with the same, as well as applicators and pesticide treatment companies, must be registered in the Official Register of Pesticide Establishments and Services The Ministries of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and of Health and Consumer Affairs shall jointly establish the rules for the registration and operation of said Register.

How to set up a pest control company

BureaucracyAnother aspect of the business that you should note is the industry-specific bureaucracy. It is not just a matter of knowing how to open a pest control company, but knowing how to make it work within the laws that apply to business.Being an activity that involves the use of hazardous chemicals, pest control are subject to special legislation, both at municipal and state level and in some cases even federal.You should also pay attention to labor issues, especially with regard to job security, depending on the products you use, your employees must follow the rules of protection in the execution of the work. Your employees must wear protective equipment under penalty of a fine applied by the Ministry of Labor.

How do I start my own pest control company?
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