How do you get CoC in cars?

How do you get CoC in cars?

What is the certificate of conformity (coc)

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Certificate of Vehicle Conformity

As it is an official document issued by the manufacturer, the COC is only delivered on paper, this paper has special markings that prevent its forgery. If you request the COC from us, you will receive it at your home address by mail or courier.

*Our database records all printouts of this document, both the original printout and subsequent duplicates. If you are not sure whether you have received the original COC, please check the documentation given to you at the time of the sale of the new vehicle.

How to obtain a European Certificate of Conformity

Certificates are issued only by authorized institutions, i.e. directly by the brands. All certificates have security features: watermark, seal, security stripe, signature of the issuing institution…

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A COC (Certificate of Conformity) is a declaration of conformity with EC type approval. The purpose of this document is to ensure the free movement of goods within the European Union, specifically those goods that are subject to type approval and registration. We can provide COC for the following vehicles:

In the case of importing a vehicle from abroad, in most countries it is necessary to have a certificate of conformity to confirm that it is a European vehicle that can be driven without modifications.

How to get a duplicate CoC for a car

Throughout the life of the vehicle, a duplicate of the CoC can be requested, as established by the corresponding regulation, Regulation (EU) 2018/858 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 May 2018, in the event that we do not have it together with the original documentation of the vehicle.

In such duplicate, the data corresponding to the approval of the vehicle appear and it is valid indefinitely. In some cases we may need this certificate, for example to claim the correct environmental badge for our vehicle, or to register it if it is not new. In the reduced technical data sheet also appear several of the data reflected in the Certificate of Conformity, the difference is that it is issued by a qualified engineer instead of the manufacturer, and it is obtained much faster.

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One of the fields that interest us in the Certificate of Conformity is precisely the Euro emissions standard that the vehicle exceeded within its type approval. This information is valid for the DGT to update the Vehicle Register, but it is necessary to go to an ITV, present the Certificate of Conformity, and request an update of the technical data sheet.

How do you get CoC in cars?
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