How do you install a fire alarm system?

Installation of firefighting system

Many of these fires are started at night -between 20:00 and 8:00-. We leave the braziers and fireplaces burning to sleep without getting cold without realizing how irresponsible this is. In these cases, a fire protection system could have awakened the inhabitants and saved their lives.

Fire protection systems (and ultimately all home safety systems) are recommended in all cases: we never know when we will be exposed to the danger of a fire. But it is especially advisable for people who live alone and for the elderly, who have been shown to be the most vulnerable to this type of event.

Water sprinklers do not work like in the movies, where they jump all over the building just by catching a little smoke from a frying pan. The detectors are capable of distinguishing between a major fire and a false alarm. Likewise, sprinklers will only turn on in the areas where the fire is located, not throughout the building.

Fire alarm system price

The aspiration detectors have a network of pipes with holes capable of highly reliable detection due to the incorporation of highly sensitive sensors, which detect the presence of fire before the smoke is visible. This aspiration system reduces false alarms in difficult situations, high ceilings, extreme temperatures, dirt or moisture … all with easy maintenance.

– Point type, in which emitter and receiver are housed in the same chamber but are not visible because their axes form an angle greater than 90º and are separated by a screen, so that the emitted beam does not reach the receiver. When smoke enters the chamber, the emitted light beam is refracted by the smoke particles and can reach the receiver, activating the alarm.

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Honeywell fire alarm

In case of open line or short-circuit failure, we will not have detailed information about where the failure has occurred, we will know in which zone it is, but not in which device. In case of alarm, if it is present, we will be able to identify through the led of the detector which is the one that has gone into alarm, but if the alarm is no longer present, we will only be able to identify which zone is the one that has been triggered.

Just as in conventional control panels we speak of zones, which are the terminals where we connect the peripherals, in analog control panels we speak of loops (Loops, Loops …) giving us greater capacity and more programming features. Although the loops have a greater capacity of devices, they also have greater control over each point (detector, push button, module or siren). The addressable or analog system communicates with each point of the system through a data protocol obtaining information and individual management of each device.

In case of open loop failure, the exact point of incidence will be detected, in case of short-circuit we locate the same between the 2 closest installed insulators (the more insulators installed the less number of equipment will fall into the failure). In case of alarm, failure or loss of a peripheral device, we will know the exact device that suffers the incidence.

How to wire a fire alarm system

A fire alarm is a security system that detects fire or smoke in the areas where it is installed. It is an alarm system that is commonly found in kitchens or areas with excess electronics/electricity.

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It detects the smoke or heat source that can potentially be derived from a dangerous fire by means of automatic or manual detectors that anyone can press if a fire or fire attempt is detected.

It all starts with the smoke sensor, which is easily and aesthetically installed in the ceiling of rooms that may be potentially susceptible to fire. The sensor has a photoelectric camera that detects smoke, activating the protocol just as the fire is starting.

Our team of experts will carry out a preliminary installation study, free of charge, in which we will determine with you, where to install the different fire alarm systems.

We want to protect you. With SDS we connect your risk situations with the relevant authorities: Police, Fire Department and health care services if necessary. Send us a message with your questions, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

How do you install a fire alarm system?
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