How long does a fire alarm certificate last?

Hydrostatic testing of the fire protection network

Look! on average, almost seven out of ten deaths are caused by smoke inhalation, and at night, you don’t even notice it. And one of the things that these devices do well in the event of a fire in the home is to detect smoke or heat in its initial phase.

Within emergency systems, there are two methods to detect a fire (initial phase of the presence of smoke or heat – flame): an automatic fire system and a second one, which is a manual activation:

The question is… What are the most common thermal detectors? Although manufacturers are always coming up with new technologies, we generally find the following types of fire alarms in stores:

Beware! We are not talking about gas detectors for when there are anomalies in; methane, propane, butane or those that detect the abnormal presence of carbon monoxide (CO) in the air they are different devices! Although we have manufacturers that offer us in the same element, a CO Detector + Smoke Detector.


CEPI is an international professional credential in fire protection knowledge, which for the first time offers a professional certification to our industry in the Spanish-speaking world. Following NFPA’s professional development strategy, the CEPI program is offered entirely in Spanish. The goal of CEPI is to foster the development of the discipline of fire protection and fire prevention in Spanish-speaking countries.

The CEPI program includes two important steps in the certification process. First, the program method provides the candidate with a period of self-evaluation, learning and improvement during the process of documenting professional experience and the necessary preparation for the certification exam. During this first step, the candidate can take a two-day preparation seminar and/or purchase a self-study guide.

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Fire alarm features

Fire alarms can prevent a fire before it can spread. There are different types of alarms with their corresponding smoke, gas or temperature rise detectors. We tell you everything you need to know about fire alarms.

You can hire a fire alarm as part of a security pack from an alarm company or as an independent element. This distinction will mark to a great extent the security and effectiveness of the device.

This activation causes an action in the alarm device that can be from the emission of sound to alert the people in the building or the neighbors of the danger, to a call to an emergency service.

Household and workplace fires can break out at any time and, although there are certain mandatory safety measures in case of fire, such as the installation of fire extinguishers or emergency exits, being able to prevent them is essential.

The best system for fire prevention is a security alarm. Throughout this article we will explain the different alarms that exist to detect a fire and which one is the most advisable for each type of property.


One of the most important pieces of equipment for work environments are fire alarms, due to their function.

How long does a fire alarm certificate last?
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