How long does the police clearance take?

How long does the police clearance take?

When you cannot leave the country

There is a period of time between when your card expires and when you receive the new renewed card. During this period of time (which can last about a month) you will not have a valid TIE, but a certificate as it is being renewed.

But that is as long as you are applying to extend your stay for study purposes. Otherwise, if you are modifying your student visa to a residence and work card, for example, then it will not be possible.

If, for example, you apply for the authorization during key dates, such as summer or Christmas, when many foreigners return to their countries of origin, the police stations are very saturated with this procedure.

How long can I leave Spain with a green card?

Do you see a favorable decision in the status? Good news! This means that your application has been approved, and your residency has been granted. 15 days (maximum) after this status, you will receive by mail a formal resolution announcing the positive result of your application.

Otherwise, if the status is “resolved not favorable” it means that your application has been rejected, and you have not been granted residency.However, it does not stop here: you can still get your residency permit even if your application has been rejected.How? By filing an appeal with the administration, showing your opposition to the decision.Here is an article with everything you need to know to file an appeal, along with the reasons why you should definitely do so in case your application has been rejected.

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Let’s suppose that we have reached the previous case (not favorable decision) and we decide to file an appeal to try to get the residency anyway, in which case the status of our file will change to “under appeal”, indicating that the administration is carrying out the pertinent procedures to study the appeal.

Authorization to return to Spain

If you are in the military, Civil Guard or National Police Corps and you have one of these permits, you can request the exchange for its civilian equivalent as long as you are on active duty or within 6 months after the date of termination.

The application must be submitted within six months from the date of termination of military service or military activity, or from reaching the age required for the permit in question.

If you make the exchange while on active duty, you will keep both permits, however if you make the exchange once you have retired, the military permit will be withdrawn. At the time of the exchange, we will issue you a provisional permit.    In approximately a month and a half you will have your definitive permit. You don’t have to worry about going to your Traffic Office, we will send it to your home by mail.

Military, Civil Guard or National Police Corps personnel, as long as they are in active service or within 6 months after the date of termination who have a driving license or special authorization for the transport of dangerous goods, issued by these organizations.

Under what circumstances is it not possible to leave the country

No, it is sufficient to present to the International Police the family record book or birth certificate where the names appear. In addition, it is required to present the passport with the visa if applicable, as any person leaving the country, except for those countries with which there is an agreement to enter only with an identity card.

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In order to request before the Family Court the authorization of the minor to leave the country, it is necessary to present the birth certificate of the minor, of both parents, marriage certificate if applicable, and all those antecedents that support the reasons, convenience for the minor and duration of the trip. For example, the tickets that indicate the destination and the dates of departure and return to the country.

It depends on each particular case. The procedure consists of two hearings, preparatory and trial. An application must be filed with the respective Family Court, who will summon the other parent or the person who should grant the authorization to the preparatory hearing. In the event that the summoned person does not attend the hearing and/or there is sufficient background to authorize the departure from the country, the judge may, by virtue of the principle of de-formalization, rule on the request at the same hearing.

How long does the police clearance take?
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