How long is a first aid certificate good for?

How long is a first aid certificate good for?

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You don’t need to be medical personnel to save lives. You just need to know how to administer first aid/CPR to a patient and you can learn how by enrolling in any of our online first aid classes.

These online classes have been developed by experts and offer an interactive and engaging method to learn important information and skills related to safety and precaution.

Traditional classroom training consists of lectures and hands-on training, while online classes allow you to receive hands-on training after completing the online lecture section.

They do not function as regular classes because you will not be able to demonstrate your expertise once you have received the proper training. However, these classes are intended for anyone who wants to learn first aid. Online classes will give you the skills you need to help someone in an emergency.

To get started, all you need to do is register for a course and then access the materials on the compatible device. Once you have registered for a class, you can start the courses at any time.

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First Aid ExamGET YOUR OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE IN FIRST AID OF 70 HOURS WITHOUT PRACTICES FOR ONLY 20¤! OnlineAll our courses and exams are done entirely online.}Prepare yourself at your own paceThe time to complete the course and exam is unlimited, you set the time.Official TrainingReceive the proper training in first aid, to be able to put them into practice, whenever you are required.

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First Aid ExamSteps to follow…SyllabusDownload our syllabus, prepared by senior technicians.Take the TestPass the exam, remember that you can take it as many times as you need, with no time limit.Get your CertificateOnce you pass the test, you will be sent to our secure payment gateway. Once the payment is received, you will receive your digital certificate instantly, valid for the entire National territoryCurso de Primeros Auxilios Online 70 Horas¿ ¿Quién debe realizar el Curso de Primeros Auxilios?PRECIO 20€.

s of Occupational Risk Prevention

Free Red Cross First Aid Course

It is important that as a company you keep yourself prepared to face a possible accident that may occur. No company is exempt, be it an earthquake, a fire, floods and many others.  Training courses on civil protection issues will help you to be prepared for any disaster that may occur in your company.

First, it is of great importance as we said to be prepared for any possible disaster, having a well prepared team can be the difference between getting out of a disaster or accidents that can lead to long disabilities of workers and most importantly, having a well trained emergency brigade in your company can be the difference between life and death.

We offer a wide variety of civil protection training courses for companies. Our courses are 90% practical and only 10% theoretical. Our instructors are highly trained by both national and international agencies, they are certified instructors who are responsible for giving courses even to firefighters from different delegations and states of the country.

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Therefore, through the Capacítate para el empleo platform, Carlos Slim Foundation offers a free first aid course, in order to know how to act in an emergency and to be able to be the difference between life and death.

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The objective of the course is that the person acquires the skills and abilities that allow him/her to provide first aid in an effective and immediate way, since he/she will learn to recognize a medical emergency, activate the emergency system and initiate basic life support.

As the course progresses, the student will learn from basic issues such as the First Aid Kit, Principles of Human Anatomy, Civil Protection, Types of Accidents and Safety Measures; as well as topics including CPR, ventilation, bleeding control, Heimlich Maneuver, among others.

Carlos Slim Foundation’s vocation is the integral formation of people of all ages, in Mexico and Latin America, so that they can strengthen their abilities, skills and can actively insert themselves in the economic and social development, achieving more opportunities and a better quality of life.

How long is a first aid certificate good for?
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