How long is MiDAS training?

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The arduous work began in June 2012, when the University of Huelva and the Atlantic Copper Foundation signed a collaboration agreement by which the non-profit organization funded with 30,000 euros the first phase of this work, entitled Investigation of the first Atlantic Metallurgy in the Iberian Peninsula: The

The analysis on the modes of manufacture of metal products has been, above all, a study carried out from a technological perspective, although logically the corresponding social and historical contextualization is also provided.  “At the technological level, this society is much more sophisticated than any reader could imagine. There are many more elements than those dealt with in this work with which I can construct this answer, but initially it was thought to be a domestic metallurgy, very unspecialized and with very simple techniques. This was not the case at all”, says Rodríguez Bayona.

Regarding the choice of CD support for the publication of his research, Rodríguez Bayona explains that it allows greater dissemination and transfer of knowledge. Thus, it enables the use of digital tools that facilitate and enrich the consultation of a study of these characteristics and from the group, and with the approval of the Atlantic Copper Foundation, they understood that “we had to adapt the editing support to the new times and technologies, especially in works like this one, of pure and hard science”.

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In this research a content analysis of a web page that keeps stories and photographs about the heritage of the people involved in it ( is carried out. Like a fine perfume, heritage impregnates the relationship of individuals and groups with material, immaterial and spiritual elements. We care for that which we know; we value that which we understand and which makes us understand ourselves. The heritage initially smells of history or monument; it is not only that, it lacks the spiritual component of the perfume. In our study we vindicate the educational look, with its specific and key interests in the connection of the patrimonial goods with the people.

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In this research a content analysis is carried out concerning a participatory web page that keeps stories and photographs about people’s personal heritage ( As a fine perfume, heritage permeates the relationship of individuals and groups with tangible, intangible and spiritual elements. One only takes care of what is known; one values what one can understand and which makes us understand ourselves. Heritage at first smells suggests history or monument; but is not only that, lacking the spiritual elements of the perfume. In our study we claim an educational view, with its specific interests and keys connecting heritage assets with people.

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Satisfaction surveys show a favorable reception by those attending the training courses. In this sense, Cetraa highlights the high scores obtained in some aspects such as the professionalism of the teachers and tutors, the quality of the materials provided for the development of the course, the general organization (schedules, compliance with dates, etc.) and the appropriate combination of theory and its practical application.

More information on the Confederation’s training courses and a list of the provincial associations that provide this training program can be found at this link.

The members of the table request the electromobility hub to present its complete business plan and financing, as well as the configuration of the space for the needs of the industrial project.

The association, in collaboration with Conese, is holding a webinar to explain the existing developments in relation to the reporting required by Law 11/2018, which has become mandatory for companies with more than 250 workers.

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How are the workshops experiencing the coronavirus pandemic? What is the situation at Midas? This return to normality, as has been mentioned, is not a normality like before. In the big cities, there are a lot of people who are teleworking. And this means that there is less commuting.

Also, vehicle users are driving fewer kilometers because of the perimeter confinements. After the hardest moments of the confinement, there was a certain recovery in the workshops, but the different waves and perimeter closures have reduced the activity, especially in the main cities.

Digitization of the workshopsWhen we say that a workshop is digitized… What do you mean in particular? Well, for example, that all the workshops are connected to each other and to the central offices, that all the processes are digital and paper has disappeared, that the machines are connected online, that technical information can be consulted… In short, that all the work is more digital and efficient. A customer can now do the whole process online with Midas. From logging on to the website, requesting a quote for a service, making an appointment, choosing a replacement car, paying the invoice… We can even pick up and deliver the vehicle ourselves so that the customer doesn’t have to visit the garage.

How long is MiDAS training?
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