How much is MiDAS labor?

How much is MiDAS labor?

Midas Company

At Midas Fuencarral, I took my car, a Citroen C3 to adjust some headlights and put a turn signal bulb. They promised to call me to accept the budget and they did NOT do it. They charged me 95€ for this. I find it unacceptable and colossal the price they have charged me for this arrangement. And more knowing that I am a regular customer that I take my two cars to the annual review. It is a disgrace and of course this is not going to stay like this. I will tell everyone I know about this so that they avoid taking their cars to MIDAS garages.

Regarding your complaintCPTES00044580-57 against our Midas center in Alcobendas, we have to inform you that we do not agree with it. You were correctly informed (verbally) by our employee of what you had to do to repair your vehicle. That they had to dismantle the headlights and the bumper to access the internal area and replace the anchors damaged by a bad installation in another workshop. That all this would take time, but it was impossible to know exactly how long and that was why he could not get an estimate. You were also told that it would take at least 2 hours, and you decided to leave and come back after that time. That is to say, it was not a simple adjustment and light bulb as you indicated, but a repair of some complication and with which you agreed since you were informed at all times.

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Midas workshop

It saves the customer time, while providing greater security, since the center will send all documents by e-mail, including diagnosis, photos of the parts, estimates and invoices.

With the new Express Pickup and Delivery service, customers of Midas, a chain of workshops specializing in vehicle maintenance, will be able to carry out this procedure more quickly and without waiting, as the center will have the documentation ready for drivers to hand over the keys without entering the reception area. Subsequently, Midas will send all the necessary documents by e-mail: diagnosis, photos of the parts, estimates, invoices and a link that will allow drivers to pay and pick up the car as quickly as at the time of delivery. Drivers can request this service by making an appointment in the comments section of the website or by telephone.

Priced at 20 euros for cars arriving at the workshop for any service, the cleaning is carried out in just 20 minutes. Courtesy vehicles are also sanitized using this technology.

Midas oil change

We do sustainable mining, framed within the requirements of the law, committed to respecting human rights and stakeholders. We support the social development of the communities in the area of influence of our production centers, through community self-management actions oriented to their development, through training in specific area skills of the required available workforce, motivation of the local workforce and the participation of mostly local and regional suppliers committed to our principles of action. We strive to prevent and control risks to workers, facilities, the environment and neighboring communities, and maintain a process of continuous improvement.

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It is a coarse granular material composed of crushed, sand and coarse material. This type of material is highly resistant to erosion and allows free drainage in order to prevent pumping.

Midas battery

Along with Aurgi, the other company in the group, Motortown, which has its workshops located in the facilities of El Corte Inglés, can pay in installments through the company Aplazame or with the El Corte Inglés card. Patricia Suárez, marketing director of Midas, insists that its official overhauls are 40% cheaper than at the dealership. This chain is also highly digitalized, as it allows all the formalities (making an appointment, requesting a courtesy car and paying) to be carried out online. In addition, it notifies customers by SMS or e-mail when they have to pass the ITV, change the brakes or the tires. They pick up the car at home and offer a free 30-point safety check.

Jaime Scott, Euromaster’s marketing manager, points out that customers now value the quality of the service, the safety measures and the speed of response. The chain has reinforced the call center and simplified the steps on the web, since the online or telephone appointment request has grown by 54%. Being part of the Michelin group, it has good prices on tires and every month launches fast mechanical offers on batteries, brakes, oil, air conditioning and now ozone cleaning, which is free with some operations. On an average car, the oil and brake pads change is around 120 euros.

How much is MiDAS labor?
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