How often is an MOT certificate for?

How much does a certificate of conformity cost?

The Vehicle Technical Inspection Card is a mandatory document for circulating, which is part of the documentation of a vehicle together with the Vehicle Registration Certificate, and which certifies the identity of the vehicle and that it is approved to circulate on the roads of our country.

When a new vehicle is to be put into circulation (including trailers, semi-trailers, motorcycles, mopeds and agricultural vehicles), its manufacturer must homologate a “specimen or type” of the vehicle at the department of the Ministry of Industry.

In other words, the car must pass a series of various tests (emissions, safety, maximum authorized weights, etc.) in laboratories accredited by Industry, which declare that it is a roadworthy vehicle.

Type approval will not be required in cases such as model series of less than 50 units, replicas of old cars, prototypes or pre-series in the development phase, vehicles coming from army auctions or government vehicle fleets, etc.

How to order European Certificate of Conformity

Do you know what documentation you need to pass the ITV to your car? It is important to be clear about what papers you are going to be asked for because, even if you have a previous appointment, if you do not carry any of the documents that will be requested as a previous step to the tests, you will not be able to carry them out.

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The first step to pass the ITV is to present the documentation that accredits the ownership of the vehicle and its date of registration. The good part is that the papers are part of the documentation that you should always carry in the car so it will not be difficult to locate them.  Tire equivalence, what you should knowAs a general rule, there are four documents that you will be asked for at the ITV station:

Certificate of conformity car germany

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“Vehicles registered or put into circulation must undergo technical inspection in one of the ITV stations authorized for this purpose by the competent body in matters of industry in the cases and with the periodicity, requirements and exceptions set out in Annex I”.

Royal Decree 2042/1994, of October 14, amended by Royal Decree 711/2006, of June 9, establishes the frequency with which vehicles must pass the Technical Inspection, depending on the type of vehicle.

If you have received the letter of summons to pass the ITV and you are no longer the owner of the vehicle, either because you have deregistered it or you have changed ownership, you must not pay attention to the content of this notification or inform any entity about it. In other words, you should not take any action.

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How to obtain European Certificate of Conformity

The Technical Inspection of Vehicles aims to ensure that vehicles in circulation maintain safety conditions above the minimum required, minimize the risk of accidents due to technical causes and contribute to protect the environment through the reduction of exhaust gas emissions. To this end, the law establishes a minimum frequency with which vehicles must undergo the inspection, as well as extraordinary situations that make it necessary to go to the inspection.

The mandatory nature and inspection frequencies, are established in Royal Decree 920/2017, of October 23, which regulates the technical inspection of vehicles. You can consult a summary of these frequencies in the section “Periodicity of the ITV”.

The elements of the vehicles that must be inspected, as well as the criteria applied to determine their severity, are regulatory established by the “Manual de Procedimiento de Inspección de las Estaciones de ITV”, which is issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

How often is an MOT certificate for?
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