Is pasma mandatory?

Is pasma mandatory?


The blood donated by recovered patients would be divided into two fractions. One would contain red blood cells and the other would be convalescent plasma, a clear liquid containing water, vitamins, minerals and billions of virus-specific antibodies. A single donation would treat three patients and provide passive (temporary) immunity to each. In medical trials where this plasma was used, patients had less severe symptoms and recovered more quickly.

It is unfortunate to note that hospital capacity has already been exceeded in Loreto, Piura and other regions. For these areas, and because of the current emergency, I propose to use convalescent plasma therapy immediately, subject to approval of the basic guidelines and authorization of the medical ethics committee. If necessary, the convalescent plasma would be brought every day from Lima. In this borderline situation, the treatment could make a difference for many.

It is worth mentioning that any blood and plasma donation or transfusion carries risk. The treatment may not work in critically ill people. In addition, the compatibility of the convalescent plasma with the patient’s blood must be ensured prior to transfusion. If a person receives the convalescent plasma on a pre-emptive basis, it must be confirmed whether he or she would have immunity. If so, it is not known how long it would last.

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In addition, prior to the donation, they must sign a specific Informed Consent that explains that their donation is to be used for patients who enter the National Clinical Trial.

Plasma from convalescents, i.e., from people who have had the disease, is transfused to other patients who are currently suffering from the disease. The procedure is protocolized to meet the purposes of the research and to be able to determine its effectiveness in a scientific and reliable manner. The application criteria depends on the decision of the treating physicians and the patient’s state of health, who must comply with certain strict requirements stipulated in each protocol, including the National protocol.

It is important to note that plasma transfusion, like any other medical transfusion, has advantages but also risks, and may cause allergic reactions and acute complications in patients who receive them.

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Recovered Coronavirus patients have antibodies that their bodies made when exposed to the virus. They are found in plasma and play a fundamental role in the defense against the disease. In this article we tell you how to make a donation, who can do it and the places authorized for that purpose.

First of all, because the plasma can help another person who is suffering from the infection and needs it. It is a gesture of solidarity and altruism that will make it possible to provide a possible new plasma treatment to other patients.

“One of the strongest assets we have in this pandemic is the collective commitment of the whole society and also of the whole scientific community”, highlighted the National Minister of Health Ginés González García.

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Those who are willing to donate plasma can contact the e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of some of the places authorized to do so, where they can also receive further information and answer any questions they may have. The centers authorized and published by the National Ministry of Health are the following:

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They are two young people who were diagnosed with coronavirus; after undergoing the mandatory treatment and isolation, they are now discharged and voluntarily signed up to help other people who are going through the same disease but in critical condition.

The official highlighted the solidarity and predisposition of the donors, and stated that this is the first time that apheresis is performed for this type of patient in the NOA and NEA. Until now, this procedure for patients with coronavirus was only performed in Buenos Aires or Córdoba.

“Recovery is fast and the time we need is 35 to 50 minutes to perform this procedure. Besides, it can be repeated after 14 days, which would help us a lot. We invite cured patients to collaborate with us to collect plasma, freeze it, and at the time if there are more cases in Tucumán, the province may have enough to carry out the treatments”, commented Hugo Bulacio, hemotherapy technician in charge of the apheresis procedure in the province.

Is pasma mandatory?
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