Should I get a Gas Safe certificate?

Where to obtain a gas certificate

Below, we provide you with the gas installation certificate that you must have in your possession regardless of whether you have, or want to install, the gas cylinders or the propane tank. However, you should know that the authorized technician is the one who will take the documents to the moment of the installation or the revision, therefore, it is not necessary that you print them.

The gas installation certificate is the mandatory document required by law to keep track of all the individual installations of each home. Here are the main features of this certificate:

The control body will issue an inspection certificate for the competent body of the Autonomous Community with a copy for the owner of the installation, the installation company, and the construction manager (if there is one).

The price for the gas certificate is between 90 € and 200 € approximately, although it will always depend on the technician or company that performs it and the needs of the installation (tests, repairs).


The certification of the LPG supply chain is necessary for marketers of this fuel to operate their facilities, which guarantees that it will be aligned with the technical, environmental and safety guidelines imparted by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, translated into confidence for the use and handling of the fuel by all stakeholders.

Last March 08, 2018, the National Accreditation Body of Colombia (ONAC) granted us the accreditation certificate under ISO/IEC 17065, which highlights the update of the scope of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Bottling Plants and the expansion of the following scopes related to the LPG supply chain.

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Gas certificate

In order to obtain the gas installation certificate, it is normal that you contact an authorized gas installer, since this type of installation must always be done under the safety standards. To give you an idea of how much a gas certificate costs, the range you will find is between 60 and 120 euros for a house; in the case of industrial premises, it could cost you more than 200.

The person who is going to dedicate himself to this task, as an installer, can be a senior engineer, technical engineer or graduate in vocational training in an area related to engineering or, at least, have a certificate of professionalism that gives him the aptitude to obtain the license of authorized installer, for which he has to be included in the National Catalogue of Professional is clear that performing the measurements and tests that this entails is impossible, if you do not have specific knowledge in the field.

LPG Gas Certificate

Your natural gas installation requires certain care to ensure its usefulness. Do not forget to pass the inspection; it is for your safety. If the inspection is not passed, the competent body of your Autonomous Community will be notified and the natural gas supply may be interrupted.

You can contact our Customer Service Department by calling 900 100 252 to reschedule the appointment or call the technician’s telephone number that will be indicated on the sign that will be posted on your property a few days before the visit.

Should I get a Gas Safe certificate?
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