What are micro Behaviours?

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These movements are called micro-behaviors. Identifying them, interpreting them, translating them and, if necessary, evidencing them, is essential in order to move from mediocre communication to true communication: the communication of affections is done much more through micro-behaviors: gestures, mimics and sounds are much more powerful than the words that serve to clarify, qualify or deny what they have said.

I believe that it is not always worthwhile to give evidence. It can involve a lot of energy and not be necessary. If it is an important relationship for us, then it is essential to evidence micro or macro behavior.

I dedicate my professional life to sharing ideas and concepts that can improve our quality of life, help us to relate better with others, be more aware of the meaning of being people and contribute to avoid unnecessary suffering.

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Effective leadership behaviors are specific learned skills. Quality leaders are strong communicators and planners, strategic thinkers, and know how to delegate. Research indicates that 70% of leadership attributes are developable skills, while 30% are innate. For great leaders, even learned skills can become habits. You can look to great leaders as role models and develop the same habits if you learn from them. The best way to become a leader is to make those habits instinctive; turn them into spontaneous responses to standard actions.

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You can cultivate your leadership instincts through simple leadership habit exercises, five minutes each day. Follow the Leadership Habit Formula: Focus on a skill you want to develop-for example, active listening, i.e., paying close attention with respect to others-and then practice it, day after day. At the same time, link the skill to actions….

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The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change uses the term climate change only to refer to human-induced change: “Climate change” means a change of climate which is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity that alters the composition of the global atmosphere and which is in addition to natural climate variability observed over comparable time periods. (Article 1, paragraph 2)

Hybrid toys, became for us an excellent reference of the inclusion and implementation of technologies in the development of the same, as well as they show us the immense amount of possibilities that this inclusion can facilitate.

He realized that if he used less water, greenster would be more active. If he turned off the lights in his house, greenster would be happier, and if he went out to the park to play, instead of staying at home watching TV or playing computer games, greenster would have more energy!

Susana Ramirez

People’s behavior is, without a doubt, a fundamental factor in the business world. However, not many companies are aware of the importance of microbehaviors in building successful personal and work relationships.

This process consists of learning to develop an objective observation of the facts, stripped of beliefs and perceptions, until it becomes an absolutely automatic and unconscious action, which can be summarized in three simple steps.

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What are micro Behaviours?
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