What are the benefits of a KC registered dog?

What are the benefits of a KC registered dog?

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The Boxer breed is considered one of the procreators of the Guatemalan dogo and the extinct Cordovan fighting dog breed; it has also given rise to hybrid breeds recognized by the American Hybrid Canine Club, which are: the Boxer bull (American bulldog with Boxer), the Boxer and the Boxerite (Akita Inu with Boxer).[6] The Boxer is considered one of the ancestors of the Dogo guatemalteco and of the extinct Cordovan fighting dog breed.[7] The Boxer has also given rise to hybrid breeds recognized by the American Hybrid Canine Club.

Most canine historians agree that the ancestors of the boxer are the bullenbeisser dogs. These bullenbeissers (or bull biters) were hunting dogs, used primarily for wild boar and deer. Such expeditions to hunt wild animals usually cost the lives of several dogs, as the hunt was horrible and painful for both people and dogs (not to mention wild boars). Some sources say that these huge medieval dogs had erect ears and large teeth, which would be used to hold the animal by the muzzle. It is likely that hunters cropped the ears the way they do in some countries today, as this custom would seem to be in keeping with the primitive usages of those times.


MVZ. Emilia Tobias.IntroductionBordetella bronchiseptica, is a gram-negative aerobic coccobacillus of the family Alcaligenaceae, depends on amino acids and carboxylic acids as pri- mary sources of carbon and energy. It colonizes ciliated epithelia and promotes inflammatory diseases in the respiratory tract of dogs and other animal species (Maxie, 2016). It is considered normal microbiota of the canine upper respiratory tract. It is one of the infectious agents associated with canine in-fectious respiratory disease (CIRD) or canine infectious tracheobronchitis (kennel cough). Clinical signs are coughing (often in episodes that may cause retching), sneezing, watery nasal and ocular discharge as well as mild lethargy. (Nelson & Cou-to, 2014; Stephen J. Ettinger, 2017)

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B. bronchiseptica shares a number of general viru-lence genes with other bacteria of the same genus known as colonization factors or toxins (Table 1), additional factors that alter host functions or aid in super-survival of the bacterium have also been described.

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Nobivac® KC is a live combined vaccine against canine parainfluenza virus and Bordetella bronchiseptica. Each 0.4 ml dose contains at least 108.3 CFU of Bordetella bronchiseptica strain B-C2 and 103.8 DICT50 of canine parainfluenza virus Cornell strain.

Active immunization of dogs against kennel cough caused by canine parainfluenza virus and Bordetella bronchiseptica. Immunity is complete as early as 72 hours after vaccination.

There are no known side effects after administration of one dose. In some very young and sensitive puppies, a slight and transitory ocular or nasal secretion may occur after administration of an excessive dose.

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The American Kennel Club is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of its Registry by promoting the sport of purebred dogs and breeding for type and function. With the objective of advancing the study, breeding, exhibition, performance and maintenance of purebred dogs.

The Kennel Club was founded on April 4, 1873 by SE Shirley and twelve other gentlemen.  They wanted to have a consistent set of rules to govern the newly popular activities of dog showing and field trials. It was the first national Kennel Club in the world.  The Kennel Club’s first home was a three-room apartment at 2 Albert Mansions, Victoria Street, London and since then, they have moved ten times.

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The First World War put an end to this Federation and it was only in 1921 that the Société Centrale Canine de France and the Société Royale Saint-Hubert decided to re-create the FCI, new statutes were approved on April 10, 1921 and on March 5, 1968, the FCI became a legal entity.

What are the benefits of a KC registered dog?
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