What certificate do you get from primary school?

What certificate do you get from primary school?

High School Certificate

This procedure allows former students to obtain, electronically, the verification or comparison of the information contained in their Certificate of Studies of Basic Education, in order to improve the time and transfers to the City of Toluca, and continue with the in-person process of issuing a duplicate or comparison of your certificate. To do so, click on the following link

It consists of issuing a duplicate certificate of preschool, elementary or high school education, elementary, high school or job training certificate or job training diploma.

How to download elementary school certificate

In some states there is also the Gesamtschule, which, instead of separating the children into three different schools, keeps them together for certain subjects and for others offers different levels. At the end of the Realschule, after the 10th grade, and the Hauptschule, after the 9th grade, students undergo a dual vocational training that allows them to learn a trade by alternating school attendance with work in a company.

The German education system has its origins in the Middle Ages, where education was basically provided in monasteries and served to train new generations of clergymen or in Latin schools to educate the aristocracy and later the wealthy upper class.

In 1810, after the Napoleonic Wars, Prussia introduced a state certificate to become a teacher, which served to considerably improve the quality of education. The Abitur was introduced in 1788 and implemented in all Prussian secondary schools in 1812 and in the rest of Germany in 1871.

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Inea primary school certificate

The methodology is based on the treatment of basic subjects in a way that facilitates the acquisition and understanding of knowledge in other fields. The average number of students per classroom is 30. The teaching day consists of a total of 35 hours per week from the second to the seventh grade of E.G.B. between compulsory subjects (30h) and additional activities (5h), for a total of 7 hours per day.

The evaluation is intended to be permanent, systematic and scientific and its purpose is to diagnose the student’s learning situation and achieve improvements in their training through encouragement, according to the development of learning and the individual capacity of each student.

The so-called “Digital Revolution” that took place at the end of the 20th century has had repercussions in all areas of society, one of them being education. The repercussions in Education in general, and in Primary Education in particular, consist not only in the introduction of ICT resources such as computers, digital whiteboards, Tablets, etc., in the classroom, but also in the way they are used pedagogically.[17] The following table shows how the digital revolution has affected education in general, and Primary Education in particular.

Sep.gob.mx certificates

Once the certificate has been issued, the interested parties may pick it up at the educational center, either directly, with sufficient proof of identity, or through a validly authorized person. In the event that the interested party resides in a locality other than the one where the educational center is located, he/she may request that the certificate be sent to the Government Delegation -High Inspectorate of Education-, Government Subdelegation, Provincial Directorate of Education in Ceuta and Melilla or Consular Office closest to his/her place of residence.

What certificate do you get from primary school?
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