What certification pays the most?

What certification pays the most?

How much disse 2020 pays

It is a document that can be issued by a surgeon, surgeon-dentist or midwife, by means of which the professional certifies and allows the affiliates, dependent or independent workers, to be absent from work or reduce the working day for a certain period of time, which must be duly authorized by the Commission of Preventive Medicine (COMPIN) and which allows them to obtain a subsidy for work incapacity (which replaces the remuneration for the period not worked) if they comply with the affiliation and provisional requirements that correspond.

Dependent workers of the private sector must present the leaves of absence to their respective employers within two (2) working days from the date of the beginning of the rest period stated in the medical leave.

When a worker is in a situation of voluntary or involuntary layoff or dismissal by the employer, medical leave is not granted, since he/she does not have to justify absence from work and there is no remuneration to be replaced.

How much the bse pays for occupational accidents

The rapporteur, Judge Sempere Navarro, determines that the completion of 35-hour courses to obtain or renew the CAP falls within the scope of Article 19 of the Law on Occupational Risk Protection (LPRL), and that therefore the time devoted to this training must be carried out at the expense of the companies in which the services requiring the possession of this certificate are provided, within the working day and this time must be considered as effective work time charged to the ordinary working day. The accreditation is part of the continuous training necessary for the carrier On the other hand, he concludes that obtaining the card that accredits that continuous training, as necessary to be able to develop the productive tasks, “is part of the training itself and its cost must be assumed by the employer”.

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And, concludes Sempere Navarro, that both the interpretation of the rules in accordance with the requirements of EU law and their logical and systematic conjunction “lead to the fact that whoever assumes the main cost of the training (time considered as actual work; teaching material; teaching staff; infrastructure; consumables, etc.) must also bear the accessory cost (associated with the issuance of the accreditation card)”.


The worker enjoys the days that the law recognizes in the different cases without losing salary, that is to say, without discounting those days off, they are counted as if he/she had worked them, but they do not generate vacation salary.

Within the term of 20 working days, the employee must prove the fact to the employer with the pertinent documents. In case of failure to do so, the days may be deducted from the salary as if they were absences without notice.

The disability must be evidenced by presenting a medical certificate, proof of registration in the National Register of Persons with Disabilities or receipt of payment of disability pension from the Social Security Bank.

The disability must be proven by presenting a medical certificate, proof of registration in the National Register of Persons with Disabilities or receipt of payment of disability pension from the Social Security Bank.

In the case of terminally ill family members, it must be accredited with a certificate from the treating physician of the family member, issued by the health service provider institution to which he/she is affiliated.

Covid health insurance

If we have already seen an opportunity for savings and growth, whether to start a business or pay the down payment on a house, we should not leave anything to chance. It is best to know the advantages and differences of two of the most popular savings options: bank certificates and time deposits.

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As their name indicates, bank certificates are securities that a bank gives you when you make a deposit of money. They have some similarity to savings accounts because deposits also earn interest according to the term you agreed upon, however, the main difference is that these securities or certificates can be used as collateral for personal loans or credit cards. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The term deposit is the saving of money for a determined period of time in which the bank will pay an estimated interest rate according to the agreed time of permanence. The client will not be able to dispose of the money deposited until the agreed term is fulfilled, otherwise he/she will eventually have to pay a penalty.

What certification pays the most?
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