What does a certificate of service mean?

Certification of domestic employee services

The computer application issues a message of confirmation of receipt, containing the data provided, the date and time of receipt and a transmission identification key.

For the purposes of calculating deadlines, only those days declared as such for the entire national territory in the annual calendar of non-working days published by the General State Administration will be considered non-working days.

The transmission of data received on a non-business day shall be understood to have taken place in the first hour of the first following business day. In the entry of the entry, the date and time of submission shall be recorded as the date and time of actual receipt, and the effective date and time of entry shall be recorded as zero hours and one second of the first following working day.

The telematic transmission of data by an authorized user regarding the periods of work activity of discontinuous permanent workers or those affected by an Employment Regulation Expedient of suspension or reduction of working hours, will allow the management entity to manage the application for the resumption of unemployment benefits and subsidies of such workers.

Model of certification of teaching services caba

The different aspects that make up a certificate of professionalism are established in the respective Royal Decrees, which define its content, duration, access conditions, requirements of trainers and centers, etc.

A certificate of professionalism can be obtained if all the training associated with that qualification has been passed. This can be done by taking one or several training actions to complete all the modules (training and workplace practice) that compose it.

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All the TRAINING completed must meet certain requirements in order to be accredited. These requirements affect both the training entity, the trainers and the program delivered, as well as the student.

Through the recognition of work experienceParticipating in a procedure for the evaluation and recognition of professional competences acquired through work experience or non-formal training. CONSULT HERE

It is also possible to obtain a certificate of professionalism if it is demonstrated that the corresponding professional competences have been acquired through WORK EXPERIENCE or NON-FORMAL TRAINING.

Negative Certification

The use of information technologies is a worldwide reality and the Mexican business environment is not lagging behind, but what is a certification service provider and how does it relate to the digitalization of processes in companies?

In other words, we can say that specifically the authority that regulates and allows CSPs to operate is the Ministry of Economy and some of the services they can provide, related to the use of electronic signatures, are:

Also known by its English name timestamp, which guarantee the exact date and time a digital document was signed, as well as its existence and link to an entity or person.

Thus, only companies with sufficient technological resources, knowledge and experience can be authorized by the government as Certification Service Providers (CSP). In other words, it is necessary to prove sufficient personnel and management of the subject of Electronic Signatures in our country to obtain such accreditation.

What happens to pre-1994 contributions

Article 80 of the Labor Contract Law (20.744) obliges every employer, who has workers in a relationship of dependency to issue work certificates which are listed therein, namely:

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The obligation to pay social security funds by the employer and the union funds under its responsibility, either as a direct obligor or as a withholding agent, shall also constitute a contractual obligation.

The employer, on the other hand, must give the employee, when the latter so requests at the time of the termination of the relationship, documented evidence thereof. During the term of the relationship, the employer shall provide such proof when there are reasonable causes.

When the employment contract is terminated for any reason, the employer shall be obliged to deliver to the employee a certificate of employment, containing the information on the time of rendering of services, the nature of such services, proof of the salaries received and the contributions made to the social security agencies.

What does a certificate of service mean?
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