What does a charge certificate mean?

Certificate of family charges ips

The Superintendence of Pensions is in charge of converting the pension that was given to you in your country into national currency and calculates the amount of the contribution that you have to pay. The payment is made directly at the branches that sell bonds.

To accredit this group of people in person, they must go to a primary care clinic or branch office with the presentation of the Refugee application form approved by the Department of Foreigners.

Important: If the minor requires medical attention while their residence in the country is being processed and the holder is a contributor, they will be accredited as a charge with the presentation of the birth certificate of the country of origin, where the data of the father and son and their relationship are stated, having to update the accreditation once the situation in Chile is regularized.

o At the end of your employment contract, if you do not pay contributions and do not enroll in an Isapre, you must register as a person without resources at the Primary Care Clinic closest to your home. This way you will continue to receive health care.

Certificate of family charges online

It is the processing of the social security benefit that is assigned to a worker or pensioner, by virtue of the persons living at his or her expense, called dependents, and who meet the other requirements established by law.

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Termination of the Family Allowance: Upon termination of the right to receive the family allowance (of a dependant) due to the death of the dependant, for exceeding the age (established limit) in the case of children, or for any other reason, the pensioner must inform the Consulate by providing the corresponding information (Death Certificate or others) by completing and signing the form indicated below, which will be sent via Consulate to the IPS for the corresponding purposes:

View family responsibilities by taxpayer ID number

If you are an individual, you must apply to the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) for a permit to transport your own goods or goods related to your respective activities without the transportation generating a service charge.

Notes: – For the online procedure all documents must be attached digitally and signed electronically.- For tractor-trailers that are used in double articulated configurations and require that the circulation card allows them to apply the benefit of maximum excess of authorized gross vehicle weight, they must present the document that accredits compliance with NOM-012-SCT-2-2014 or the one that replaces it.

In person: At the offices of the General Directorate of Federal Trucking or at the Federal Trucking Department of the SCT Center corresponding to the applicant’s domicile, with an opening hours from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 14:00 hours, by telephone (information): 57239300 extension 20272.

Certificate of fonasa charges

It will be the price resulting from subtracting from the appraisal price the amount of all charges and rights prior to the lien for which a foreclosure has been filed and whose preference results from said Certificate of Charges or Registration Title.

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What does a charge certificate mean?
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