What does a LPA certificate provider have to do?


For this purpose, the National Public Procurement Service provides the “ISIC 4.0 Correlation” consultation tool, which can be accessed for download in the “Quick Links” section, through the following link:

To update the address in the RUP, it is necessary to first make the required change in the SRI, then you must enter the request for change of address in the SERCOP through the channels of attention:

To update your email, you must enter the “SOCE” system and generate a general data update request from the “Trámite Rápido” tool, where you must indicate the new email to register as the supplier’s contact.

At the counter, if the procedure is carried out by a third party, you must present the official letter with the content described above, and include the authorization and carry the identification card of the person who signs the official letter and that of the authorized person.


In the link provided below you can find all the certificates that it is currently possible to validate by launching a query against the MINHAP @firma platform. It is necessary to take into account that the certificates incorporated into the Platform have complied with the procedure described in the document “Processing of certificates in @firma”, currently available in the PAE (http://administracionelectronica.gob.es) and are classified in one of the 13 types of certificates currently established.

Certifica sat

We constantly invest in the evolution of our solutions, always from the point of view of regulatory compliance. Our goal is to facilitate digital contractual and transactional relationships, from onboarding to Long Term Digital Archiving, including all signature processes (workflows), guaranteeing their auditing framework.

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Our experts work hard every day to find new opportunities based on digital trust services, both for your internal efficiency and for digital customer relationships.

Recovery of sat certificates

2. The difference between an authorized supplier of invoices and the one of certification of reception of digital documents is that each figure operates with different documents: the first one with electronic invoices and the second one with digital documents.

When signing the service contract, your supplier, according to its plans and commercialization schemes, may ask you for some additional information, such as your digital seal certificate; however, keep in mind that your electronic signature identifies you before the tax authority, so we do not recommend you to share it with anyone.

When a CFDI certification provider obtains its authorization extension to also operate as a certification provider for the reception of digital documents, does it have to process a new digital seal certificate?

When a CFDI certification provider obtains its authorization extension to operate also as a certification provider of digital documents reception, must it process a new digital seal certificate?

What does a LPA certificate provider have to do?
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