What does a shotgun certificate cover?

Table of firearms calibers

Informs about the law that modified the penalties for drivers who in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of narcotic or psychotropic substances cause death, mutilation or very serious injuries and for those who after causing an accident do not report it to the Carabineros.

Explains the law that allows the father and mother to define the order of the surnames of their minor daughters and sons, and that establishes a procedure for adults to change the order of their own surnames.

Informs of the law that establishes the payment of the balance of invoices within thirty days (counted from the receipt of the invoice) for sales and services. The initial deadline to pay invoices is 60 days and will apply until the end of March 2020. After that, the 30 days will be applied.

Explains what the changes consist of to ensure free access to establishments that receive resources from the State, to regulate the application and admission systems to educational establishments, and to ensure that all the resources received from the State are destined to the educational project.

Weapons license type e

From today is already open the registration period for the XX Championship of the Balearic Islands of “Perdiu amb Reclam amb Escopeta”, which will take place next Saturday, February 19 in “Sa Cova” of Santa Eugenia.

The XX Campeonato de Baleares de “Perdiu amb Reclam amb Escopeta” is organized by the Societat de Caçadors de Perdiu amb Reclam, with the collaboration of the Consell de Mallorca, the Fundación Natura Parc, Vinos Ripoll, Embutits Matas, Binicomprat Restaurants and the Balearic Hunting Federation itself.

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Handgun calibers

We have dedicated this article to solve doubts and to mark the steps to follow to become a hunter and above all we will talk about the hunting insurance, an essential procedure if we want to practice this sport calmly and without scares.

First of all, do not give up. Whether you have arrived here again or because you are in the middle of the steps and you need to solve all your doubts to continue. With these steps you will save time and money and you will achieve your goal.

One of the usual reasons why almost future hunters give up is economic. Hunting is expensive, yes, but at the end of the day, like any hobby you have, snowboarding, hiking, climbing, fishing… there is hardly a hobby that is considered cheap because it requires equipment and paperwork. Well, petanque may not be so much! But that’s not the case, is it?

For both licenses you need to pass the same training tests and they are determined by the Ministry of Interior and as with the driving license it is a practical and a theoretical test. To give you a basic idea, the theory test is about demonstrating the regulations and your knowledge of firearms. You have 20 minutes to answer 20 questions. Don’t worry, if you get 16 right you will have already passed. If you want to download the syllabus you will find it on the website of the Civil Guard.

California Weapons Permit Test 2021

It is the administrative unit under the Ministry of National Defense responsible for addressing, within its scope of competence, matters related to the Federal Firearms and Explosives Law, on the following aspects:

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Firearms must be registered (in case you already have a firearm in your possession) or acquired with their respective registrations (in the case of new firearms), prior authorization through an extraordinary firearm acquisition permit. There are several modalities with respect to the possession of firearms in which a citizen may be placed:

Pursuant to Article 26 of the Federal Firearms and Explosives Law, firearms of permitted calibers and characteristics may be carried under the protection of a Particular Individual Firearm Carrying License when, in addition to complying with the requirements established for such purpose, the petitioner accredits, at the discretion of the Secretariat of National Defense, the need to carry firearms by:

What does a shotgun certificate cover?
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