What happens if I get caught with no tax or MOT?

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Due to lack of time, laziness, or forgetfulness, many drivers have circulated in some occasion without passing the ITV on the established date. With the current regulations, I have already mentioned that if the agents stop you, you will be fined 150 euros and they will also withdraw your driving license.

From May 1, things will change. An instruction from the Directorate General of Traffic modifies the application of the Royal Decree on Technical Inspection of Vehicles of 1994 by which they would withdraw your license and give you a period of 10 days to pass the technical inspection, after which the Traffic Headquarters would return to the holder the circulation license that had been seized.

In the internal note, the DGT recognizes that on many occasions the holder of the offending vehicle passed the ITV within the established period and, when he went to the Traffic Headquarters to pick up his license, it had not yet been sent by the Civil Guard, which caused “numerous conflictive situations”. To avoid these problems, the agents will not physically remove the document, but will hand over a flyer authorizing the circulation of the vehicle for a maximum period of 10 days. In the event that the owner does not pass the inspection within this period, the DGT will order the immobilization of the vehicle.

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There are many queries we receive daily on this subject, but we must differentiate that it is not the same to be fined for not having passed the technical inspection to our vehicle, than not showing the documentation to the agent if he asks for it. We clarify these differences below:

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This type of denunciations, as for example, for not having passed the ITV, are the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle, or failing that, of the leasing company if we have a rental car, which is regulated in the following article of the Road Safety Law in force:

f) The owner, or the long-term lessee, in the event that he/she is registered in the vehicle registry, will be in any case responsible for the infractions related to the documentation of the vehicle, to the periodic examinations and to its state of conservation, when the deficiencies affect the safety conditions of the vehicle”.

The opposite case is if the complaint is given for not showing the documentation, the complaint would be made to the driver, regardless of the reason for not showing it: nerves, not carrying it in the vehicle, etc. In this case, the General Vehicle Regulations apply.

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DGT has completed the integration of the ITV databases and will proceed to denounce ex officio “at home” all motor vehicles that are registered in Traffic and do not have the ITV in force.

“The Directorate General of Traffic has set its sights on those drivers who do not have their Vehicle Technical Inspection (ITV) up to date. It doesn’t matter if the car is parked in the garage: if it is registered, it must pass the inspection or be fined.

This device makes it possible for Traffic to cross-check the data from each of the territorial inspection delegations. At the moment, the first 2,500 letters have already been sent to drivers who have uninspected cars, motorcycles or vans. If after this warning they do not regularize the situation, they will have to pay a fine of 200 euros.

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To me personally it does not seem bad, I know that there are always cases in which the vehicle is stopped in a private garage and it does not matter whether or not it has insurance, ITVo or whatever, although not to use it and have it as a collection is given temporary low and ready (I guess). But also that there are many vehicles circulating that do not go to pass the ITV because they know they will not pass it in life and that are real dangers on the roads, or wild polluting machines.

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It thus confirms the fine imposed on a driver who had stuck on the front window of the vehicle a regulatory sticker of the ITV with a validity date of September 2019, but the reality is that he had not passed it since May 2016.

However, the sentence makes it clear that it can indeed be considered an official document, so it is covered by the crime of documentary falsehoods included in the Penal Code in articles 390 onwards.

We remind that the Government has approved an extension of three months, counting from the expiration date of the certificate, to pass the ITV to those units whose revision expires between June 21 and August 31.

Thus, the owner of a vehicle that had to pass the inspection, for example, on July 9 will have until October 9 to carry out the procedure and during that period will not be fined.

Circulating with an expired or unfavorable ITV is stipulated as a serious infraction, for which it is penalized with 200 euros (100 euros in prompt payment), while in the event that the result of the ITV is negative -when the deficiencies of the vehicle put road safety at risk-, the amount rises to 500 euros.

What happens if I get caught with no tax or MOT?
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