What happens when first aid expires?

First aid regulations

In order to be prepared in case of an emergency, Mexico City’s Secretary of Protection reminds the population of the importance of having a first aid kit, as well as a suitcase of life, at home.

A first aid kit helps in the care of minor injuries or those that do not require urgent medical assistance, although the elements it contains may also be essential to care for the victim of a serious accident; its proper use can be decisive in saving a life.

Non-perishable food, bottled water (2 liters), a change of clothes, a blanket, whistle, flashlight, lighter, pen and notebook, portable radio with batteries, toilet paper, money, duplicate keys of your house and car, important documents in an airtight bag or USB memory stick, if you have pets include food, and your Family Civil Protection Plan.

What should a first aid kit have in a company in Mexico?

When carrying out an activity in the natural environment or outdoor sports, it is always necessary to be equipped with elements that can be useful in that environment. A backpack is the best tool to carry everything you need and enjoy the day. But you should also keep in mind that behind all the leisure activities, events can occur that can ruin a day to remember.

In the natural environment there may be some situations that you cannot count on and to which you must respond in order to alter as little as possible the dynamics of activities in this environment, in order to reduce the possible risks of suffering an accident.

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To do this, the first thing to be clear about is what first aid is: a set of techniques and actions that make it possible to attend to an injured person from the moment the accident occurs until the health services arrive, trying to prevent the victim’s situation from worsening. There is a logical sequence and an action protocol called Basic Life Support (BLS).

First aid kit

If you have accidentally taken an expired medication for a minor ailment such as a cold or headache, do not worry, because in the worst case it will have no effect. On the other hand, if it is an essential medication for the treatment of a serious or chronic illness, consult your healthcare professional of reference, as the potential lack of efficacy could harm your health.

This article explains what the expiration date is and how it is determined, why medicines lose efficacy, and which medicines are important to be especially cautious about the expiration date.

The expiration date can be found on the packaging of all medicines and indicates the end of the period during which their efficacy and safety is guaranteed, provided they have been stored under appropriate conditions of temperature, light and humidity. The expiration date is determined by the manufacturing laboratory on the basis of the results of so-called stability studies, which subject drugs to extreme environmental conditions for 6-12 months. For this reason, each drug has a different expiration date, which can range from 12 to 60 months.

What a first aid kit should have in a company 2021

Accidents can happen and, in this case, it is important to keep a cool head. Not everyone is used to seeing blood. Sometimes even something as innocuous as chopping vegetables in the kitchen can cause a deep cut that bleeds copiously. Knowing how to react, when, and having a well-equipped first aid kit at home and in the car will help you prepare.

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Recommendation: Also, seek medical advice in case of breathing problems, unconsciousness, a deep wound with significant blood loss, a severe burn, a suspected fracture or broken bone, a suspected heart attack, a severe allergic reaction, a snake, animal bite or human bite, poisoning, severe shock or any rapidly worsening situation.

Even if an accident occurs unexpectedly, you should take time to heal the wound instead of letting it dry out. Why? Because doing so will create optimal conditions for rapid, undisturbed healing of the skin.

What happens when first aid expires?
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