What is a brewing certificate?

Model brewmaster

– Beer cellarman – Malt brewer – Wort brewer – Must and beer brewer – Packer – Maltster – Beer fermentation or storage cellar operator – Brewhouse operator – Beverage bottling section operator – Beverage bottling operator – Malting plant operator – Raw materials receptionist – Brewery operator – Brewery operator – Brewery operator – Brewery operator – Brewery operator – Brewery operator – Brewery operator – Raw materials receptionist

The facilities and equipment must comply with the corresponding industrial and hygienic-sanitary regulations and meet universal accessibility and safety measures for the participants.

Master Brewer Certification

With this, the IBD shows its commitment to train, support and technically educate Spanish-speaking brewing professionals so that they can gain the necessary knowledge and be able to consistently produce quality products.

This is a self-directed, interactive online course of recommended 60-80 hours of study for brewing professionals who are already working in production but do not have a sufficient technical foundation to advance their career.

The program covers the basic knowledge required to be a senior operator or team leader in a large production facility or for professionals in independent craft breweries.

Candidates will use the online learning material to become technically trained and learn the production process from the selection of raw materials to the beer ready for packaging, how to achieve optimum quality and what technical equipment to use to do so.

“Since our inception in 1886, the IBD has been on a mission to technically train industry professionals with the highest quality learning material that we regularly review to provide up-to-date content,” says Jerry Avis, Chief Executive Officer of the IBD.

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Profile of a brewmaster

Two-day intensive course for employees from the marketing, planning and administration/purchasing departments of breweries, malting plants and plant construction who do not have a technical background in brewing (available in German, English and as a web-based course unit).

In this compact course, the basics of brewing, as well as tricks and tricks of the trade, are explained in two weeks. Target group: Restaurant and craft brewers (in English).

Free online brewmaster course

Access a complete academic training, covering theoretical and practical topics of the entire brewing process, which will give you a superior technical training and the required skills that will allow you to brew beer in a professional manner with a view to starting your own business.

Craft beer is a growing segment throughout Latin America and breweries need trained people to work with them at different stages of the brewing process. Having this certification is a background that accredits your skills, knowledge and competencies to work.

In the craft beer industry there are many self-taught people who have learned through trial and error, through books and articles, or through support networks with other brewers. Passing this exam allows you to certify the knowledge you already have, obtaining a respected recognition in Latin America.

By passing this certification, individuals will master the areas of microbiology, fermentations, quality control, production and processes, maturation and conditioning, brewing engineering, and marketing in a brewery.

What is a brewing certificate?
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