What is a CIPP qualification?

What is a CIPP qualification?

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We are a company formed by a multidisciplinary team with high professional qualifications and the objective of providing effective, practical and innovative solutions in different fields of action: civil works and building construction, mining, environment and occupational risk prevention.

Our company participates in congresses and publishes articles in national and international scientific journals.  This international character leads us to develop lines of action in several countries, such as Qatar and Panama, where we are involved in numerous projects related to our activity.

They allow us to offer the user appropriate content and advertising on websites and social platforms based on their tastes and browsing preferences, being able to create a profile about you and your interests, in order to show you personalized content.

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Presentation Objectives Describe improvement and accountability oriented approaches Discuss Daniel Stufflebeam’s contributions to the topic of Program Evaluation Explain the CIPP method, its rationale and potential. To discuss the relevance of Program Evaluation in different fields, particularly education. To present the benefits and considerations about Program Evaluation including a panoramic view that interrelates the differences between them. Program Evaluation EDUC 8030 — 2008 UPR RP

Approaches oriented to improvement and accountabilityPanorama de Evolucin Of the various evaluation approaches we place these by their main interest: Question-oriented > Objectives / Tyler Method-oriented > Inquiry strategy, case studies Improvement-oriented > Decision-making / informed selection among alternatives Participation-oriented Utility and social agenda > empowermentJuan Capurro. Program Evaluation EDUC 8030 — 2008 UPR RP

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It is a system that has EN standards and is classified as environmentally friendly technology by the UN. It is the most developed and used method to rehabilitate sewer pipes suffering from cracks, ruptures or leakage defects. The liner is more economical, more efficient, safer, and involves much less disruption and pollution than traditional open-cut replacement methods. It is installed with little or no disturbance to the environment and can be used to rehabilitate virtually any type of pipe including stoneware, concrete, PVC, cast iron, steel, reinforced concrete, HDPE, etc. for any cross-section and diameter.

PIPELINE INFRASTRUCTURE supports contractors to successfully complete their trenchless pipe rehabilitation works using this CIPP sleeving technology by providing the following services:

Impregnated Felt Sleeving: we deliver also, directly on site and ready to install, felt sleeving impregnated with polyester or vinyl ester resin, with or without styrene. The diameter range is from 150mm to 1600mm. Transport must be in a refrigerated vehicle to avoid uncontrolled hardening. We can arrange this transportation service. These sleeves cannot be stored and must be installed within hours of delivery.

What is a cipp qualification? del momento

The digital economy brings with it important modifications to our idea of privacy. When our consumption habits begin to be based on platforms dedicated to rental and subscription, while we gain in flexibility or customization of the service we demand, we begin to add a lot of information and data about the movies and series we watch on the computer or mobile device, about the type of readings we prefer or even the way in which we materially perform the reading, about the type of vehicle we like to drive or our destination and activities during our vacations. These are all pieces of information that allow for a very broad user profile.

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In other words, the digital platform economy poses new challenges for privacy protection and defense against cybercrime. Therefore, there is a need for a great deal of work, somewhat pedagogical, focused on the user, on what really involves the “transfer” of their data and the acceptance of privacy policies. Digital consumers need to be made aware that their data are extremely sensitive to being converted into value, for example when e-mail addresses, payment methods or consumption details are subject to intelligent analysis for commercial purposes by third parties (the data can even be sold to others without the customers’ knowledge).

What is a CIPP qualification?
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