What is a document serial identity number?

Serial number of old ID card

On the eve of this long weekend that adds a holiday, the Civil Registry and Identification Service, SRCeI, recommends checking the validity of your identity card and passport, especially for those who decide to travel outside the region.

He also reminded that the offices of the Civil Registry and Identification Service are open from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm. In the case of the Sub Office Los Molles de Iquique, people may reserve an appointment to request an identity card or passport at www.registrocivil.gob.cl or by calling the call center 600 370 2000. This Specialized Identification Center is located in Santiago Polanco on the corner of Rancagua.

If the user needs a birth certificate for his/her children, he/she can obtain it at www.registrocivil.gob.cl, at the call center 600 370 2000 or at any of the 5 Civildigital totems distributed in Tarapacá, which are located in Mall Zofri and Regional Hospital in Iquique and in the municipalities of Pozo Almonte, Alto Hospicio and Colchane.

Identity document number

The alphanumeric sequences usually contain, in code, information about their manufacture or origin, being correlative (in some way) the codes used for the same products that have been manufactured simultaneously.

An important part of this functionality is the valuation of stocks, making unnecessary the use of methods such as LIFO, NIFO, FIFO, etc. since they give us information not only about the quantity and quality of the products but also about their price.

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Traceability: As explained in this other article, product traceability is the set of tools used by manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to control the history of a product destined for the consumer.

For certain products (such as food or pharmaceuticals) it is mandatory but, even in cases where it is not, it is very convenient to have as complete information as possible about the product being marketed.

We process the information you provide us with in order to send you information, promotion and advertising related to our products and services by any means (mail, email or telephone).  Don’t worry, we will not overwhelm you with too much information.

Document number

Archival processing consists of three tasks: identifying, classifying and sorting. The process of identifying series precedes document classification and involves a process of recognition and verification. In the specific case of documents, it would be given by an analysis, examination and comparison between documents or groups of documents, with the intention of establishing similarities and differences. Then, the classification will establish classes taking into account the activities of an organization and/or common aspects or features among documents, recognizing also those that differentiate them.

Identity card document number

It has the same dimensions of a credit card (85.60 mm wide by 53.98 mm high) and different security features to prevent forgery. In addition to authenticating the citizen, it is used to sign electronically and the fingerprint is enclosed in it, although it is not visible to the naked eye.

Microchip. It has a capacity of 32 K, in which the following information is stored: the citizen’s affiliation data (the same as those printed on the physical support of the DNI), an image of the photograph, an image of the handwritten signature and another of the fingerprint.

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Changeable laser image (CLI). Located below the chip, it includes at first glance our initials in order of first surname, second surname and first name (the first in case of a compound name). At the bottom, it shows the date of issue of the document, which we need to process visas or entry documents to countries at airports.

Issuing equipment. This is a 9-digit alphanumeric code that identifies the Police office where the document was issued. Therefore, it is variable, since it can change when we renew the DNI if we go to a different office from the previous one.

What is a document serial identity number?
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