What is a jib electrician?

Truper pencil type current tester

– Always check for proper operation of the current tester in a live socket before use.- Generally they are strong tools but, if knocked, they can fail.- It is a cheap item. It is always preferable to buy the best quality one.- Whenever working with electricity, wear rubber-soled shoes, such as sneakers: they will help you in case of an accident, because, with them, the current has less chance to make ground.- Never work with electrical wires in flooded places or under rain. Better to call a professional – If you have doubts about your abilities to make an electrical repair, call a professional – By law, some installations require a certified electrician.

– Touch the live wire or terminal with the tip of the pin finder. Your hand should be completely on the insulator and your thumb on the metal button on the top of the screwdriver handle – If the light comes on, there is power to the wire.

Steren current tester

This article has been taken from our book Electrical Installations Book Without Mysteries (2005 edition). In it we describe the main tools and instruments that the professional who works with electricity (electrical engineering and electrical installations) must have.

Indeed, there are some sophisticated tools that can greatly facilitate certain jobs, but the cost/benefit ratio makes them more interesting for professional installers and electricians than for amateurs.

Some electrical devices such as circuit breakers and household appliances have parts fixed with Philips screws.  A suitable wrench must be used to work with these screws.  The reader should have at least one available.

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This wrench is very interesting and has some functions that specifically help the installer. As we can see from the figure, it has holes to place the wires and uncap them in dimensions corresponding to different diameters. With it you can cut the wires and do some other important operations.

Current tester

Do you want to discover the relationship between static electricity and water? This week we propose a simple and fun experiment for which you only need two objects: a comb and a faucet. It’s that simple. Get ready to discover the effects of static electricity on the liquid element. Let’s get started!

The term static electricity defines the accumulation of an excess of electric charge, either positive or negative, on a conductive or insulating material. You are probably familiar with the effects that occur with this type of electricity, as they are easily recognizable. Most people feel and can even see the shocks that occur when the excess charge of the charged object is placed near a good electrical conductor. But do you know the relationship between static electricity and water? With this simple experiment we will explain how static electricity affects water.

What will happen if we run the comb under the faucet? How will static electricity affect water? What will happen is that it will attract the water molecules, almost, almost as if it were a magnet. When we bring the comb close to the water, although the liquid is electrically neutral, we generate an electrostatic induction and cause the orientation of its internal electric charges.

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Pen-type current tester

Brand loyalty has its advantages. Familiarity with a company’s products and services can provide peace of mind when shopping for new equipment. But with so many choices on the market these days, there may very well be a better option that not only meets your requirements, but perhaps even exceeds them.

“When looking to purchase an articulating boom lift, it’s important for fleet managers to consider everything from their budget to the specific tasks that need to be completed,” explains Nate Hoover, director of product management for JLG boom lifts. For example, having an oversized or undersized machine can present challenges. “To determine the most appropriate lift(s) for a department’s needs, you need to know what questions to ask,” the executive cautions. (See sidebar for some sample questions).

Maximum working height, platform capacity, width and weight are some of the main machine specifications to consider, but other criteria, such as horizontal reach, clear height at maximum reach and tail swing are also important when selecting boom lifts.

What is a jib electrician?
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