What is a Level 5 certificate?

What is a Level 5 certificate?

Level of qualification

The field of training is evolving towards on-demand learning with specialization at its epicenter. Training is becoming increasingly intuitive and more adaptable to the needs of users. An extensive catalog where Vocational Training and Certificates of Professionalism are two increasingly demanded alternatives. But do we know what their differences are?

The Certificate of Professionalism is an official qualification that accredits both the degree of qualification of a worker in the development of a work activity, with the meaning of occupation, and the necessary training for it.

Level 3. This level contemplates activities that, after its completion, the student will have to carry out autonomously, as well as to demonstrate a complete mastery of the specific techniques. To take this level, it will be necessary to have a high school diploma; an entrance exam to a higher level training cycle; a level 2 certificate of professionalism of the same family or the university entrance exam for those over 25 years of age.

How to obtain a professional training certificate

The different aspects that make up a certificate of professionalism are established in the respective Royal Decrees, which define its content, duration, access conditions, requirements for trainers and centers, etc.

A certificate of professionalism can be obtained if all the training associated with that qualification has been passed. This can be done by taking one or more training actions to complete all the modules (training and workplace practice) that compose it.

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All the TRAINING completed must meet certain requirements in order to be accredited. These requirements affect both the training entity, the trainers and the program delivered, as well as the student.

Through the recognition of work experienceParticipating in a procedure for the evaluation and recognition of professional competences acquired through work experience or non-formal training. CONSULT HERE

It is also possible to obtain a certificate of professionalism if it is demonstrated that the corresponding professional competences have been acquired through WORK EXPERIENCE or NON-FORMAL TRAINING.

What is a certificate of professionalism

Certificates of professionalism are official documents that accredit professional competences and guarantee that the person who obtains them has the knowledge, skills and aptitudes to develop a labor activity, in accordance with the requirements of the labor market.

Each certificate of professionalism accredits a professional qualification from the National Catalog of Professional Qualifications although, exceptionally, there may be certificates that accredit only a part of the qualification.

All certificates of professionalism include a practical training module in work centers. Passing this practical training module is essential to obtain the certificate of professionalism, although there is the option of being exempted from this module.

Thus, for example, in order to work in the dependency, sports, biocide application or industrial installations sectors, among others, a certificate of professionalism or a vocational training certificate is required.

Certificates of professionalism level 1 and 2

Level 1 includes simple activities that require basic skills.  This professional certificate has no training or professional requirements. To obtain the level 1 certificate of professionalism, it is not necessary to have studied or worked. It is focused on more basic activities that do not require special skills or technical knowledge. Examples of courses that are in this level are: Basic kitchen operations; cleaning of surfaces and furniture in buildings and premises; restocker and basic restaurant and bar operations; data and document recording and processing operations.

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Through these professional titles it is accredited that the professional is highly qualified to perform the tasks relevant to their profession. This facilitates the labor market insertion process by offering a curriculum that shows an official training. And for those who have not had a first job, the internships of the courses serve as a first contact with the working world.

What is a Level 5 certificate?
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