What is an enforcement certificate?

What is an enforcement certificate?

Certificate of good execution of work

When the purpose of the certificate is to accredit technical solvency in a bidding process, or for the purpose of obtaining the classification of contractors before the Administrative Contracting Advisory Board, these will be issued by the person in charge of the contract, while when the purpose of the certificate is to accredit technical solvency for the purpose of competing in an international bidding process, the certificate will be issued by the highest hierarchical responsible of the administrative body that was assigned the management of the same. In any case, the certificates shall be countersigned with the approval of the unit responsible for contracting.


The companies awarded the works and services of drafting and management of municipal projects may request a certificate of good execution of the works and projects that have been awarded and executed.These certificates are used by the companies to accredit technical and professional solvency, for updating the official records of bidders, the processing of business classification files and accreditation of experience, among others. A certificate signed by the Secretary of the Corporation is issued, in view of the report issued by the municipal technician responsible for the contract.

Ministry of Public Works

Important previous note: This topic is pending to be updated, in order to adapt it to the modifications of the TRLCSP after its publication (16/05/12) not yet incorporated to it and that are shown below. (In blue modified text).

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4.- The Administration shall be obliged to pay the price within thirty days of the date of approval of the work certifications or of the documents accrediting conformity with the provisions of the contract for the goods delivered or services rendered, without prejudice to the provisions of article 222. 4, and in the event of delay, the Contractor shall pay the Contractor, as from the expiry of said thirty-day period, interest for late payment and compensation for collection costs under the terms set forth in Law 3/2004, of 29 December, which establishes measures to combat late payment in commercial transactions. In order for interest to accrue, the contractor must have complied with the obligation to submit the invoice to the corresponding administrative registry, in due time and form, within thirty days from the date of actual delivery of the goods or provision of the service.

Certificate of execution of contract

The fee is accrued and the obligation to contribute arises when the activity is initiated by the administration with the reception of the request of the document.the Fee must be paid at the moment of presentation of the documents that initiate the file of the requested Certificate.- General Certificate, not Urbanistic: 18,27 €..To carry out the procedure it is necessary to follow the following steps:.with Electronic Certificate, Telematic Registration by the Electronic Headquarters:1.- Generate the Self-settlement of the Fee of the Report or Certificate.2. Payment of the Tax: – With Bank Card through the Payment Gateway of the Electronic Headquarters, or – In the Web Applications of Payment of Taxes and Fees of the Banking Institutions that appear in the Self-settlement, or – In the branches of the Banking Institutions that appear in the Self-settlement.3.- Presentation of the procedure through the Electronic Registry, attaching the digitalized documentation requested in the form.

What is an enforcement certificate?
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