What is annex 4?

What is annex 4?

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When in the totality more than 40,000 records have been captured, in the Central Administration of Transfer Pricing Control, in removable memory unit (USB) or in CD, which will be returned to you after the respective validations.

In case I have more than one SIC code for a selection of comparable companies, how can I reference them in the field called SIC Codes of the range sample items, if the application only accepts numeric characters?

In case I have more than one SIC code for a selection of comparable companies, how can I reference them in the field named SIC Codes of the sample elements of the range, if the application only accepts numeric characters?

The application recognizes up to 12 numeric characters (without hyphens, commas or spaces). You can select the three main SIC codes used in your selection of comparable companies, either by group (composed of two characters) and adding two zeros, or by subgroup (composed of four characters), four by four, so that you use a maximum of 12 consecutive numeric characters. The same applies to other codes of a similar nature to the SIC.

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The spring pushes the cam against the rope and allows it to be effective from the moment it is loaded, without slipping and therefore without tearing, even with new and sharp teeth.

– Anchor or rope breakage: adapt the installation to the terrain, choose a solid anchor with two triangulated points, with no possible friction of the rope with an edge or a projection. It may be essential to use a rope protector (PROTEC C45).

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– Risk of falling to the ground: in the event of a fall in the first few meters of climbing, the rope may hit the ground due to the elasticity of the rope, even with a properly installed system. The static elongation of a rope is approximately 10%. If the route is 50 m long, by simply resting on the rope, there is a risk of falling to the ground in the first five meters of ascent.

– Loss of rope: if you are belayed on a slumped wall, perform your maneuvers without completely letting go of the rope: if you let it swing, a slight slump is enough to make it inaccessible.

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If the use of corrective lenses is necessary to achieve the required visual acuity, the report of psychophysical aptitude must state the obligation to use them while driving. Such lenses must be well tolerated. For the purposes of this annex, intraocular lenses shall not be considered as corrective lenses, and monocular vision shall be understood as any visual acuity lower than 0.10 in one eye, with or without corrective lenses, due to anatomical or functional loss of any etiology.

With or without optical correction, a visual acuity of at least 0.8 and at least 0.1 for the better and worse acuity eye, respectively, must be possessed. If spectacle correction is required, the power of the spectacles should not exceed + 8 diopters.

If the vision is binocular, the binocular field should be normal. In the binocular examination, the central visual field should not present absolute scotomas in corresponding points of both eyes or significant relative scotomas in the retinal sensitivity.

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Costa Rica extends in the middle of the tropical zone, between 8° 02 ‘ 26” and 11° 13′ 12″ north latitude and 82° 33′ 98″ and 85° 57’ 57″ west latitude; its zonal location determines almost all its geographical and physical features.

The Canton of Turrrialba is the fifth of the province of Cartago, its geographical position is given by the coordinates 09° 47′ 14″, North Latitude and 83 ° 34′ 03″, West Longitude. The maximum width is 75 km, in a northwest to southeast direction, from the intersection of the boundary line with the province of Limón, in the Chirripó River. It has very varied elevations ranging from 350 meters above sea level (Peralta area) to 3820 meters above sea level (Cerro del Chirripó).

Turrialba has a territorial extension of 1644.5 square kilometers (3.2%) of the national territory and a network of country roads of approximately 600 km, mostly dirt and gravel roads.

What is annex 4?
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