What is entry level maths certificate?

What is entry level maths certificate?

Secondary school modules for adults

The games that you will encounter in the course are designed within the framework of a didactic sequence that can be modified or adapted according to the practice and the reading that each participant makes of his/her group.

Throughout the course, conceptual elements, tools and theoretical support will be provided to enable teachers to make the necessary decisions to enrich their practices.

Early Childhood Teacher in managerial positions and institutional advisor. Diploma Sup. Constructivism and Education FLACSO. Teacher Trainer at OSPLAD-SADOP – CePA Gov CABA. Didactics of Mathematics at Pre-school Level. Technical Pedagogical Advisor. Early Childhood Center, Ministry of Social Development. Technical pedagogical team. Aprender Trabajando Program – Educational Inclusion Operative Management.

Prof. Ens. Primary Education and Lic. Cs. Education UBA. Specialist in Mathematics Didactics. Worked in CePA coordinating the Early Childhood team. Titular of Mathematics in Initial Education Nº 10 and 6. Acceleration Program of the Ministry of Education of the City of Buenos Aires. Advisor to private institutions. She has written books and articles on her specialty.

What is mevyt learning pathway?

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In case you have a problem with a teacher or a class, our customer service is available to help you and find a solution as soon as possible (by phone or email from Monday to Friday).

Mevyt online

This is a practical course aimed at high school mathematics educators who wish to integrate Geogebra into their lessons.    It is divided into two modules that invite the educator to prepare himself/herself with progressive levels of deepening.    Level one proposes the exploration of the various tools that the program has, the resolution of questions related to applications, the creation of products that respond to mathematical areas such as plane geometry and 3D geometry, as well as the analysis of why to integrate technological resources in mathematics lessons.

What is entry level maths certificate? 2021

Work methodologyBecause this is a distance learning course, it will allow participating teachers to combine personal and academic obligations, since each one will organize his or her time independently. The didactic resources to be used will be work guides elaborated by the trainers with: theoretical developments, didactic sequences, class chronicles, problematic situations, as well as videos of conferences and classes in classrooms of the Level. The activities, consultations, reflections will be sent to a Forum that will allow the exchange among the participating teachers and between them and the trainers.

CertificatesA certificate of attendance will be awarded to those who complete the entire course itinerary and participate in the proposed activities, and a certificate of pass will be awarded to those who satisfactorily complete the evaluation. Those teacher-students who have completed the activities and the forum of at least three meetings will be eligible for the evaluation.

What is entry level maths certificate?
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