What is license and certificate for a resume?

What is license and certificate for a resume?

Certifications in cv examples

In the same way, just as it is necessary to prove the academic background, it is important to back up the experience with evidence so that the recruiter can weigh those applicants with more and better verifiable experience. In this sense, a work experience certificate adds value to an applicant’s CV, leaving him/her in a better position to be selected.

In some companies these documents are generated digitally and automatically, when each member has an e-mail and intranet account, where he/she can obtain a certificate at any time. In this case, it is important that when the employee emigrates to another company, he/she should carry out this procedure beforehand, in order to take this certificate with him/her.

Another option is to request it from the most direct management. Although at this point it is important to know the reasons for the employee’s departure from the company. If these were due to negligent or negative behaviors, the management could be reluctant to deliver this document.

What documents are attached to the curriculum vitae?

Certification is usually the means by which to prove or confirm a person’s knowledge of a particular subject. It is a widely accepted tool, either during the period of study of a person, or during his professional life and even beyond, as a mere personal challenge.

Specifically, some certificates allow us to develop our professional activity, as they are intended to make it possible to obtain a particular job, thus helping us to aspire professionally and economically speaking.

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It is true that it is not the exam per se that generates knowledge, but the training or publications on the subject.    However, certification validates the acquisition of knowledge and generates greater benefits.

If this card did not exist, chaos would be assured. Thus, certification leads to order and avoids the chaos to which ignorance of fundamental rules would lead and which would have fatal consequences.

How to attach certificates to your resume

/categories/career-tipsDon’t put this on your resume The Employment NewsCESHOR2016-12-09T15:25:23-05:002021-09-20T11:21:24-05:00Discard college studies and irrelevant courses. Only present certificates when the company asks for them.Career TipsInclude information that you master, never try to impress with ‘white lies’.

Bonilla added that the resume should not include diplomas and certificates of study that have not been requested. Nor should you include salary information, studies and courses that do not relate to the position for which you are applying.

A photo is not required. If the candidate does not want to attach it, it should not affect the selection process, however, “if you are going to put it, it is recommended that the photo is scanned, 3×4 format with blue or white background. No cropped photos, much less ‘selfies’,” said Bonilla.

According to Sandra Bonilla, the data that should be included in the resume of a person who has no work experience are: personal information of the candidate, professional profile, academic background, personal references (maximum 2) and academic achievements.

Examples of cv certifications

Licenses and certificates generally have a limited time of validity and must be renewed periodically. In most cases, it is necessary to pass an examination to obtain such a credential.

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Some of the occupations that require a license to work include: real estate salespersons, financial advisors, accountants, electricians, airline pilots, bus drivers, insurance salespersons, and school counselors.

Occupations that generally require certification include webmasters, electrical line installation and repair, technicians, and auto or airplane mechanics. Within this category, the government office estimates that there will be an increase in demand for turbine technicians, and diesel engine mechanics.

What is license and certificate for a resume?
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