What is on a police certificate?

Peruvian Police Record

There are many procedures in Uruguay where you may be asked for the Certificate of Judicial Record, also known as Certificate of Good Conduct and Certificate of Police Record. The institutions that can ask you for this document are those of the State and the consulates, and it is the Ministry of the Interior the one in charge of issuing it and sending it to the addressee.

It is the document that certifies the existence or not of judicial antecedents in the national territory. The certificate is always issued, but in case of having a judicial record, the person will be notified.

The applicant can go in person to the office with an Identity Card and the precise indication of the destination of the certificate. In case the applicant is outside the country, another person may initiate the process by presenting a copy of the applicant’s Identity Card or Passport. Said document must be issued by the National Directorate of Civil Identification.

Criminal Record Certificate

It is requested at the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection – Prevention and Social Readaptation (SSPC). In case you are unable to go directly to Mexico to apply for it, blood relatives in the first line (parents, children or spouse) can help you to apply for it.  Exceptionally, the SSPC has indicated that if a Mexican person abroad does not have such relatives, another relative or person of his or her trust can do it on his or her behalf.

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Depending on the procedure to be carried out, please review the corresponding link where you will find the documents to be submitted to this Embassy for the consular letter to be issued. In addition, you will be assisted in assembling the package of documents necessary to submit and file your application in Mexico.

Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions related to this procedure. Also, in each of the links there is a section of frequently asked questions. It is suggested that you read it as well so that you have all the information you need to complete this process.

Police records for Venezuelans 2021

The police record of a person is registered throughout his life and through this Certificate it could be possible to verify the information related to infractions or criminal offenses in which a person could have incurred.it is important to mention that the process for the Police Record Certificate in Bolivia, is a personal process, which requires the presence of the interested party.

If, when a foreigner is in the country for more than 6 months, in order to reside in another country and obtain an enabling migratory condition, he/she must obtain the Police Record Certificate.

Police records for use abroad online

Although they have similar names, criminal and police background certificates are different documents. In El Salvador, the criminal record certificate is obtained at the Dirección General de Centros Penales. It shows whether or not you have received any conviction for a crime committed.

These certificates are one of the requirements for driving partners who want to be part of the community. Now you know where to get your criminal and police record, what you need and what the procedure is. With a little preparation, the process of obtaining your record can be a quick and easy process.

What is on a police certificate?
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