What qualifications do I need to be a primary teacher?

What qualifications do I need to be a primary teacher?

What should I study to become a primary school teacher in Colombia?

The studies to become an elementary school teacher are fundamental, but other transcendental questions must also be taken into account, such as: What qualities do you need to have? Aspects such as creativity, patience, empathy, observation, discipline, curiosity and prudence, among others, stand out. In addition, one of the main challenges for teachers is to connect with students, and they will have many options to achieve this if their attributes also include charisma, as this will have a very positive impact on their students.

Finally, one of the most valued qualities to be a primary school teacher is the true vocation, which puts you to the test every day, as they are teachers who experience great satisfaction and joy at the progress of their students, which will undoubtedly transmit to them. This vocation is precisely one of the reasons for choosing a career in primary education. Discover here 10 more reasons that make it worthwhile to opt for this profession.

Studying to become an elementary school teacher from a distance

As a guideline, you will be able to know the cut-off mark of the previous year of teaching in the universities you are interested in. You should know that there is no way to know the cut-off mark of the next course, as it depends on the demand of students and the number of places offered.

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Also, a good teacher needs to have effective communication skills. Some personality aspects such as dynamism, extroversion, spontaneity, imagination, intuition or flexibility are also welcome.

I didn’t plan to study teaching. I wanted to study nutrition and I only chose teaching as a second option because my father is a teacher and I was sure I would get the place in nutrition. I just finished my teaching degree and I really enjoyed it a lot. I started to like it when I realized that education is a pillar of society and that I could transmit values to the new generations. Besides, I am excited to know that I can help to change the world a little bit.

Subjects of the primary school teacher career

Teachers must also have respect for their students, which implies a capacity for continuous self-analysis in order to discover possible failures and detect those obstacles that slow down learning. Terms such as tolerance and humility are also intrinsically linked to the teaching profession.

In principle, in order to enter the Infant or Primary Education teaching profession, one must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Infant Education or a Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education, respectively, or have the corresponding Master’s Degree.

In order to become a teacher of non-regulated education, it is usually required to have, as a minimum, the degree of Compulsory Secondary Education or Technician (Middle Level Vocational Training), although it is normal to prove that one has higher studies, while in order to become a university professor it is required to have a Doctor’s degree.

Access to the degrees in Early Childhood and Primary Education is through the branch of Social and Legal Sciences, and both degrees are oriented towards the training of future teachers. Their aim is to train people capable of adapting to any technological or educational change, while enhancing their capacity for criticism, analysis and reflection.

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What it is to be a primary school teacher

The requirements that a teacher of Certificates of Professionalism must meet are generally established in Royal Decree 34/2008, of January 18, which regulates them, and particularly in the rule that regulates each Certificate of Professionalism.

It is required that they have completed university studies (regardless of the professional area), whether it is a diploma, degree, bachelor’s degree or similar. Higher vocational training studies related to the subject to be taught will also be admitted.

Master’s Degree in Teaching, Pedagogical university studies (Teaching, Psychology, Psychopedagogy or Pedagogy), CAP, Occupational Trainer degree, or Certificate of Professionalism in Teaching Vocational Training for Employment SSCE0110 (this degree is the one that replaces the repealed trainer of trainers).

These requirements are the ones required to be a training teacher in the classroom mode. If you want to be a teacher in online mode you will also be asked to prove experience as a teacher of online training or training that qualifies you as a tele-trainer, with a duration equal to or greater than 30 hours.

What qualifications do I need to be a primary teacher?
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