Which is better FSC or PEFC?

Which is better FSC or PEFC?



FSC and PEFC (Forest Stewardship Council and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) certifications establish a series of requirements for the sustainable management of forests, guaranteeing customers the purchase of forest products, such as wood or paper, from responsibly and sustainably managed forests.

Obtaining a forest certificate is synonymous with Sustainable Forest Management (SFM), which translates into the management and use of forests and woodlands maintaining their biodiversity, productivity, regeneration capacity and vitality.

The benefits of implementing a sustainable forest management system and obtaining FSC – PEFC forest certification for a company are innumerable, and are reflected in its environmental, social and economic plan. The appropriate use of forest products favors biodiversity, productivity and the ecological processes of the forest.

In short, FSC – PEFC forest certification ensures the proper management of natural resources, favoring the conservation of forests, as well as social, cultural and environmental values. It grants international recognition, allowing companies to differentiate their products.


Forest Certification is an evaluation process, carried out by an independent third party, to which a forest area or forestry company voluntarily submits itself to verify that the products purchased, such as wood and paper, come from a sustainably managed forest.

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The constant concern for the attention to the requirements of its customers and the respect for the natural environment, has led OVELAR S.A. to obtain the double certification in FSC (FSC-C128305) and PEFC.

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization, with the objective of promoting environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management in forests around the world. With the FSC® certificate, OVELAR guarantees consumers that forest products come from forests that are harvested in a rational manner, in accordance with international standards that take into account environmental, social and economic aspects and that define the minimum levels of good forest management.

PEFC is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable forest management and provides a framework for the establishment of comparable national certification systems and their mutual pan-European recognition. With the PEFC certificate, OVELAR demonstrates that the sustainable origin of raw materials has been rigorously controlled, from their production in the forest, through all intermediate processes, to the final consumer.


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Reading a news appeared in Publico.es we have doubts about the difference between FSC Forest Certification and PEFC. To solve our concerns, and hopefully yours, we have gone to the network where we have found the following information (Unión Papelera).

1. Environmentally responsible forest management ensures that the harvesting of timber and non-timber forest products contributes to maintaining the biodiversity, productivity and ecological processes of the forest.

Which is better FSC or PEFC?
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