Who can give residential certificate?

Residence certificate of the neighborhood council

Thus, any citizen may request the issuance of his or her certificate of residence, while waiting for the District Government Secretariat’s citizen service server to validate the request and within a maximum of 1 working day to give an answer, approving or rejecting it.

After uploading the documentation, the citizen will be able to make the request through the corresponding web link and download the Certificate of Residence, once it has been approved.

Requesting your Certificate of Residence in Colombia is a procedure that can be done either in person or online. You must have the required documentation and the document will be issued at the same time or you can download and print it if you wish.

Obtaining a certificate of residence online

The certificate of residence is a document that certifies that a person has his or her domicile in some commune of the national territory. This document certifies that a person lives at a particular address, but does not specify whether it is a house or apartment owned or rented.

The certificate of residence and domicile for foreigners is a document that allows them to accredit before the administrative or consular authorities the change of domicile or their condition of resident.

In the case of foreigners, the certificate of domicile serves to prove residence or a change of domicile. If it is the certificate for a national, it is used to apply for scholarships and credits or to obtain a driver’s license.

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Certificate of residence format

Let’s start with the most obvious: what is a certificate of residence? Well, it is a document that allows you to prove or affirm that you are domiciled at a particular address. It details in which specific commune of the Chilean territory you live, in which street, building or any other data that allows to locate you.

Even for people who want to avail themselves of the protection of the insolvency law in Chile and opt for the renegotiation process to get out of debt, this document may be required, as one of the many to evaluate a case.

If you want to apply for credits and scholarships for tuition and / or enrollment to study, you should be aware of the calls made by the Ministry of Education (Mineduc) and the National Board of School Aid and Scholarships (JUNAEB).

Although it may seem incredible, today many people still go to the Carabineros de Chile or the Registro Civil to ask for certification. In none of these offices will you obtain your certificate of residence, nor will you get it from ChileAtiende.

Certificate of residence

As an EU citizen, during the first three months of your stay in another country you are not required to apply for a residence document confirming your right to live there, although in some countries you may have to notify your presence upon arrival.

In many countries, it is mandatory to carry your registration certificate and national identity card or passport at all times. Although forgetting these documents may be punishable by a fine, it cannot be grounds for expulsion from the country.

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Kurt is German and has gone to Belgium to work as a freelancer in a law firm. When he went to register at the town hall, he was told that he could not start working until he received the registration certificate.

This is not true: as an EU citizen, Kurt does not have to wait for the registration certificate before he can become self-employed. Moreover, when the registration certificate is applied for, the authorities are obliged to issue it immediately.

Who can give residential certificate?
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