What is a guaranteed offer?

W To enable partners to participate in guaranteed programmatic agreements, you can either accept the 4% fee and enable the Marketplace option from your partner account or contact your Display & Video 360 support team representative. These agreements allow you to make direct buys with publishers without resorting to manual processes, such as exchanging tags, […]

Who wrote preamble of India?

Type of government in India 2021 In The Age of Anger (2017), Pankaj Mishra argues that by surrendering to the BJP, his country has joined the “idolatry” of the ethnonationalist state: the “coldest of all cold monsters,” as Nietzche called it, thereby dashing the deluded hopes of the founding fathers that economic progress would banish […]

What is considered low income?

Lower middle class The study warned that minimum income programs can generate disincentives to joining the labor market, especially when one of the eligibility conditions is to be unemployed, and that one of the most complex challenges facing these programs is the growth in all countries of the percentage of workers receiving wages below the […]

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